Minsk, Belarus.  Bob, Levi and I
at one of the few things to see in
Minsk.  This site is
commemorating the Soviets.
Few Favorite Pictures of Each Country I Have Visited  -- Countries A-B
Travel Pictures
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Antigua and Barbuda
St. Johns, Antigua.  Picture overlooking
the main harbor in St. John's.  Me,
Tessie, Dad, guide, Bek and Mom
Sydney, Australia.  Above left:  Levi and I at the Sydney Opera House.  Above right:  Levi and
I with the Sydney Harbor Bridge behind us and below, climbing the bridge.
Ayers Rock, Australia.  Above left:  Ayer's Rock from the airplane when flying into Ayer's
Rock.  It is one of the biggest single pieces of rock formations in the world.  Levi and I at
Ayer's Rock at dawn.  Rock changes colors depending on the time of day and light of the
Minsk, Belarus.  The inside of
one of the biggest Belarussian
malls...a blast just to walk
Salzburg, Austria.  
Travelled to
Salzburg as part of a
field trip from my
semester in London
in 1992.  Went to a
Mozart concert, saw
a Sound of Music
tour...very cool city...
Brussels, Belgium.  Above, the main square in Brussels.  To the right, Tante Marianne, Om Wout, and
Tessie (Tessie's Aunt and Uncle) taking us out to dinner..  Visited them in 1995.
Brugge, Belgium.  Went to
Brugge in 2004 by myself.  
Very quaint, beautiful town.  
Lots of canals (to the left)
and a really nice main
square bottom left and Town
Hall (to the right).
Graz, Austria.  Flew into Graz (because of a
cheap ticket from London).  It is Arnold
Swarzenagger's birth town.  To the left, where I
and to the right, a clock tower overlooking town.
Vienna, Austria.  
Fantastic place for
not that impressed
with it...to the left, the
major walking area,
and to the right the
main Cathedral in
Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Well, not a ton to do or see in
Dhaka, so we loaded up in rickshaws (above) with cigars
to celebrate the start of our trip (2007).  We got the guys
to bicycle us to the store to buy rum and coke so we
could play deal or no deal set to drinking (I have no idea
how Levi comes up with these things).  To the right
above, Levi poking his head out with his dude.  To the
right, Levi and Bob picking up snacks to go with the rum
and coke.
Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Took a taxi around the city and
ended up at the parliament building at night.  Apparently
it was the place to go as many, many people were out
strolling.  Above left, the parliament building.  Above, Bob,
me and Levi the tiger...to the left, Levi buying the mask...
Manama, Bahrain.  Went to Bahrain in July,
2008.  To the left, my room in Manama.  
Above, and to the right, my hotel.  Below, the
skyline in Bahrain.  Very similar to Dubai.  It
is the place where Michael Jackson decided
to move, so a little whacky!
Belize City to San Pedro,
.  We took a 7 seater
plane to San Pedro,
Ambergris Caye.  Wild and
cool ride!  
San Pedro, Ambergris
Caye, Belize.  
We visited this
Caye where most of the
transportation was on golf
carts!  Very beautiful here!  
hotel top deck.  To the right,
the view from our room.  To
the bottom left, the Jaguar
night club.  And below, us on
the beach.  We went
snorkling and saw a ton of
fish, sharks, eels, and rays!
Near Belmopan, Belize.  On
our trip to Central America in
2008, we went to Belize.  
Above left, is a typical house
we saw on the way to
Belmopan from Belize City in
our really crappy rental car.  
Above, our place of sleep.  
To the left, Levi buying
stamps from the Post
Office.  You have to look
closely for the sign!  While
here, we went Cave Tubing,
and Zip lining.  Fantastic!
Buenos Aires,
city of Buenos Aires.  
Visited here on a trip
to South America with
the sights around
BA...top left, a view
from our apartment.  
Above an amazing
church in Recoletta.  
Above right and below
left, great places in
Recoletta.  Below
right, the major
boulevard in BA.
Iguazu Falls, Argentina.  Levi and I at the airport in Iguazu Falls posing
with the Casino card!  Above is our great place in Iguazu.  Had Yerba
Matte and Levi described it as drinking semi-dry grass clippings...not
good.  Top left is us drinking with our buddy that had Levi's name on his
shirt.  Below are a bunch of pictures from the Falls.  Below middle we
went way out and got wet and the chick didn't take such a great photo.  
So we took one with her (below right).  
The falls were amazing.  The far
below right was just awesome to see
them that close.  Far below left was
our view of the falls from the plane.
Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Great sights around the city.  Cool clock tower in town with the Argentine flag.  
Above right was a funny thing about Argentina.  People would go to the green areas right on the side of
the road on the weekends.  It was just awesome to see it!  People are different!
Buenos Aires, Argentina.  We went down to La
Boca, which is an area known for the Tango
and a very quintessential view of BA.  The
colored building is on every magnet in the city.  
We managed to pose above right, have a great
sandwich on a green table in the street and
to visit the Boca Juniors football
team stadium.  Just awesome!
Buenos Aires,
 We walked
around the city to see
great architecture
including the building
where Evita spoke to
the masses!  Don't Cry
for us Argentina!  
Below left is Levi
sticking his finger in
the nose of the local
favorite cartoon.  The
ladies weren't too
excited about it!  And
we walked around the
outdoor bizarre.  Great
St. Johns, Antigua.  Coming into the
Andorra La Vella, Andorra.  Side trip to Andorra while Diana
worked in London on a business trip in 2015. A bit of effort
getting here considering Andorra is only 1 of 5 countries in the
world with no airport in the entire country. No passenger trains
either. Oh yeah, and entirely land locked too!
Half Moon Cay, Bahamas.  Went to the Bahamas as a stop on a cruise
at the end of 2014 into 2015.  Had a great time.  This island was
stunning...had the beach to ourselves!