Few Favorite Pictures of Each Country I Have Visited  -- Countries Bh-Bu
Travel Pictures
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Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.  
2012.  A very small country on
the island of Borneo, adjacent
to Malaysia.  We visited the
beautiful Sultan Omar Ali
Saifuddin Mosque (but, couldn't
go in on the day we were
there).  Took a boat ride to see
the monkeys and got some
great pictures along the way.  
Levi got gas spilled on him on
the fill up at the shell gas
station.  Lots of neat sights on
the way!
Gabarone, Botswana.  Elephants while on safari outside of Gabarone.  Landscape around
the surprisingly modern and rich city of Gabarone.
Bosnia & Hercegovina
Bosnia &
.  The
view from hotel.  
Notice all the white
grave markers of
people that died in
the war around
Hercegovina.  Dave, Leslie,
Elizabeth, April and I in
Sarajevo.  To the left, us at the
front of the Basarcija, the old
Turkish quarter in Sarajevo.  
To the right, us with the
guides preparing for our tour
of the city.  Below, our friendly
neighborhood Turk preparing
our midnight snack.  Big
shows the spot where a
shell hit during the war and
killed 30 civilians...to the
right, the famous Holiday
Inn where all the journalists
stayed during the war.  The
street was known as
"sniper's alley".  It was the
place where many people
were killed by snipers.
Mostar, Bosnia &
.  Kindof an
eerie town...devastated by
the war, with the famous
bridge in the middle blown
up.  It has since been
rebuilt.  Very beautiful now
near the bridget.  All of us
visited the city on the way
from Sarajevo to
Dubrovnik.  Directly below,
you can still see a bunch of
damage from the war.
Paro, Bhutan.  To the
left, Bob, Levi and I
walking through the
town on our trip in
2007.  To the right,
looking to purchase
some drinks in a
market in town.
Paro, Bhutan.  
Having dinner in
front of him the
famous Red
Panda beer that
messed up his
insides and
caused him to
miss going to
Tiger's Nest.
Paro, Bhutan.  Bob, Levi
and I in front of the Paro
Dhong and the bridge.  
Very cool place, Bhutan!
Paro, Bhutan.  To the
left, the view from the
famous Dhong.  To the
right, Levi, Bob and our
guide Namgay posing
in front of the Dhong.
La Paz, Bolivia.  Really cool city of La Paz.  Visited Bolivia in 2009 on our trip to South
America.  No expectations coming in...turned out to be very clean, high in altitude,
beautiful, clear, mountainous...wild.  Just tripped me out.  It is like a giant bowl with
all the big buildings and nice areas in the middle and as you go up the sides, the
view gets better, but the houses become smaller and cheaper...wild place.  Pictures
of the city all around...
Paro, Bhutan.  To the
left, Bob, Levi and I with
our the girls from our
hotel.  Very nice!
La Paz, Bolivia.  Levi and I walking in
Assisted Mountain Biking group that will
take us to mountain bike down the World's
Most Dangerous Road outside La Paz.
Outside La Paz, Bolivia.  Above, left and right, Levi and I overlooking the valley that we will be
biking down on our way to the World's Most Dangerous Road.  Levi of course decided to wear his
crazy-ass mask...weird fella!  The road down was a lot of fun, and the scenery was incredible way
up above the tree line.  We had to dodge some buses (bottom left) and take a Autentica Bano
break below right!
Outside La Paz, Bolivia.  
We finally made it to the
World's Most Dangerous
Road!  Here is a view of it to
the left...to the right is a
good representative view of
the narrow road with the
sheer drops just feet
away...and below left, of
course, there we are
lamenting the fact that
someone just went over the
edge (can you see the
sheer terror on our faces?).  
Wow we should be in
Hollywood!  Below right, a
picture of our truck following
us close behind...
Outside La Paz, Bolivia.  At the end of the
of animals including bears, birds, dogs,
monkeys, everything...had some beers
and dinner before our trip back in the truck
at night on that crazy road.  That was
almost scarier than the ride down!  Those
birds were mean suckers!
Outside La Paz, Bolivia.  Levi and I on one of the scariest
bends of the road.  Incredible views, incredibly scary!  
Thousands of feet straight down!!!
Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  Quick 4 hour stop in Santa Cruz.  We went
and checked out the cool church above, had some coffee, did a
bunch of campana (bell) searching for Levi and then back to
the airport in the crazy taxi above...do you see anything wrong
with the picture???
Above La Paz, Bolivia.  
The view from the plane of
La Paz.  Crazy city with
building everywhere inside
the bowl...in the middle is
the business and nice
areas of the city.  Just a
different feel than any other
city that I have seen!
Outside La Paz, Bolivia.  We finally arranged it!  Took a lot of
(wasn't feeling good about that!).  Above we are buying the Red
Bull and shots of alcohol that we will need.  To the above left,
we are at the very start of the trip at the top of the mountain
getting out of the truck and getting ready.  Bottom left is me
pouring the alcohol on my tires, brakes and taking a shot for
good luck for Panchamama to bless us.  Levi below is taking
his shot.  Not sure how smart we are for doing that...
Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  Crazy cool
Rio!!!  We visited here on our trip to
South America in 2009.  Great place.  
Beautiful, amazing, crazy Brazil.  
Topography is awesome, beaches, are
amazing, and the people are beautiful.  
To the right, Levi buying stamps.  
AGAIN!  To the left, some cool graffiti
around the city.
Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  We then went to the top of
Sugar Loaf mountain which is to the left.  From atop we
could see the great city of Rio.  Bottom is Copacabana
beach where we stayed...
Rio de Janiero, Brazil.  
Various shots of us atop
the mountain with the
Christ the Redeemer
statue.  Got very lucky
because it was
completely fogged in and
it cleared up as we were
there...top left is Levi
emphatically trying to tell
the lady to TURN the
camera!!!  The lady is in
the picture to the right
middle in orange.  Yes,
that is Levi giving her the
WTF look!!  
Tiger's Nest, a really cool monastery
right, you can make it out on the hill.  
Below is Levi with one of the people
selling stuff who waited 8 hours for us
to come back.  The middle is us about
half way up with the Tiger's Nest in
back, and the far right and below are
great pics of the beautiful Tiger's Nest!