Few Favorite Pictures of Each Country I Have Visited  -- Countries C
Travel Pictures
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Pnomh Penh, Cambodia.  Outside the capital
of Pnomh Penh is the killing fields, site of
mass murder and large graves full of killed
people.  Left, a mausolem full of skulls,
above, the killing fields (graves), to the right,
Levi being Levi, and below, Levi, me, and
Bob at the memorial.
Pnomh Penh,
and Bob in the
Shanghai, China.  Yak, a friend, me and
Irene, our gang of four on our trip to China.  
Picture was taken at the famous bund.
Farming Village outside of Qufu, China.  
We received a huge parade as we
arrived in a farming village to stay
overnight in a family's home.  Above is
the welcoming for Yak and I (with our
Czech Republic
Beijing, China.  At the Great Wall
of China with Yak, outside
Lhasa, Tibet, China.  Group picture will all the
Dr. G China participants.  We are below the
Potala Palace, the great Palace used by the
Dali Lama in Tibet.
Lhasa, Tibet, China.  Tibetan prayer flags
found atop a large mountain we climbed
outside of Lhasa.  It started to snow...
On the Way to
Qufu, China.
pursuits (great
beer!) on the
overnight trains.  
This one is us
going to Qufu,
home to
Xian, China.  Famous terracotta soliders
found outside of Xian.
Zagreb, Croatia.  Beautiful capital of Croatia,
Zagreb.  Famous church in town and mini
train to the top of a hill in town.
Siem Reap, Cambodia.  Levi and
I in front of Angkor Wat.
Siem Reap,
and I in front of
one of the other
hundreds of
temples in Siem
Hong Kong, China.  View from above and
behind Hong Kong.
On the road from Mostar, Bosnia to
Dubrovnik, Croatia.
 Fantastic small towns on
the Adriatic Coast in Croatia.  
 To the
right, the view from
the front door of our
Fantastic walled
Dubrovnik, Croatia.  The
main street in Dubrovnik
(no cars inside the old
city).  To the left, at night,
Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Various
views from atop the walls around
the city.  Top left, place to sun
outside the walls right on the
water.  Top right, the main port
with restaurants.  Left, a view of
the city from high atop the walls.  
To the right, Tim, Dave, April,
Leslie, me and Elizabeth
overlooking the city.
Split, Croatia.  Left, around the
old city in Split.  To the right, the
new pedestrian walkway along
the waterfront.  To the left below,
a big street leading to the
waterfront, and to the right
bottom, the old city near
Diocletian's Palace.
Split, Croatia.  To
the left, all of us near
the old town in Split.
To the right, Dave
and Leslie chatting it
friendly reference to
NATO in the
Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Two really cool photos of the Old City stitched together by Dave's brother Tim.
Costa Rica
Jaco, Costa Rica.  
To the right, view of
the main downtown
can see the surf
shop we rented
boards from.  Below
left and to the right, it
is of Jaco bay and
the great beaches
there.  That is where
we surfed most of
the time that we
were there..
Costa Rica.  View from
our balcony at the
Backyard Hotel.  Great
surf out front, with
beautiful views.  Had an
attached restaurant and
bar where Bob, Levi and
I played Hearts for 8
with losers with losers
having to having to do
do shots...wow, a
shots...wow, a night to
night to remember!  
remember!  Top left is
Top left is Levi Levi
showing off his showing
off his arm arm that got
tangled that got tangled
in his in his leash and
made it all black and
blue while surfing.
The road to Jaco, Costa
 Beautiful trip from
San Jose to Jaco and
Play Hermosa.  Fantastic
rain forests and jungles.  
Just awesome.  To the
right, one of the rivers had
a bunch of Crocodiles in
them.  Wild!  Below right
is a view of the ride to
San Jose, Costa Rica.  Stayed our first and last nights in
Costa Rica here.  It seemed like what I would picture
Detroit to look like.  Tough looking at night.  This was on
our trip to Central America in 2008.
Santiago de Chile.  Visited Santiago on our trip
Santiago de Chile.Above, right and left is us at
the Santa Lucia park in downtown Santiago.    
Visited Santiago on our trip Below is the Below
is the parliament building where parliament
building where Pinochet staged his coup.  
Bottom right is a really nice church in the Plaza
de Armas in Santiago.
Santiago de Chile.  Both
Levi and I got our hair cut
in Chile and I guess Levi
wanted to document it to
the left.  To the bottom
left is us with our new
Chilean friends in the
airport.  Levi is happy,
weirdly happy.  What is
my problem?  To the
right is a picture from the
airplane above the
Andes.  Kept thinking of
the movie Alive!  
Macau, China.  The view of the tower to the
right and the view from the tower below.  The
tallest bungy jump in the world of 764 feet!
Macau, China.  Me,
not so good, but, I
did it!
Macau, China.  Celebrating with a beer
afterward.  I think we celebrated a lot on the
Macau, China.  I love these
pictures...Levi giving Bob a
hard time for taking a "little"
longer to jump.
Macau, China.  Levi and I getting ready to
do the bungy jump form the Macau Tower.  
Tallest in the world!
Macau, China.  A little
moral support for Bob to
the left and the view at
night to the right.
Macau, China.  Great
form Levi!  Awesome!
Macau, China.  Bob did it!
Macau, China.  Above, Senado Square in this old Portuguese town.  Very cool!  Above, left...wow, apparently
there are a lot of Asians in China!  Above, right, the old Monastery ruins.  Bottom left, a local selling gum.  Me,
doing a poor job below middle with that statue.  And then us to the bottom right at the old fort with the guns
pointed at the Lisboa Casino.
what you want in a basket!  Bottom, out getttng another meal with Levi doing his best o explain what
he wanted.  I think he got a little frustrated!  But, they loved us!
Toronto, Canada.  Dave and I went on a baseball stadium tour in 2011.  First stop was Toronto, Canada.  We first visited the
Hockey Hall of Fame Museum.  Top left, Dave out front.  Top right, one of the exhibits.  Bottom left and center is Dave and I
practicing our horrible hockey skills.  Bottom right, that is me with the Stanley Cup!  Really cool!!!!
Toronto, Canada.  Left is the CN Tower from
inside of Roger's Center where the Blue Jays
play.  We went to the top of it.  Above and to
the right is us at the game.  Below left is
downtown Toronto, and below right is the
home of the X-Men's school in the movies.
Havana Cuba.  On our trip to Cuba in 2011.  Above, all of us in front of the defunct capital building.  Who needs a congress with
communism?  Far right above, the Jose Martin's obelisk at the seat of gov in Cuba.  Below, Che.  Levi, supporting La
Revolucion!  And a fun billboard near there...
Havana, Cuba.  On our trip to Cuba in 2011.  Above, our visit to La Bodeguita Del Medio.  Ernest Hemingway's haunt for Mojitos.  
It was crazy busy.  They were lining up out the door!  Below, So, we found girlfriends while there...but, I think the George Burns
look alike couldn't decide between me and Levi.  She had only one tooth, BTW.  Front and center.  It was awesome.
Havana, Cuba.  Above left, the start of the day and Bob decided to poke the monkey...so a long day of Levi and Bob battling.  
Right top, the face of Cuba making us mojitos.  Below left, hot off the show room floor!  Below, Cohibas!!!  And below right, our
airplane of Cuba.  Smoke/Fog? everywhere.  Didn't give us warm fuzzies.
Havana, Cuba.  Above, Levi and I with a fish-net-stocking wearing police officer.  Awesome!  Most were female.  Above, the
oldest Cathedral in Havana.  Below, La Floridita, Hemingway's Daiquiri place!  And bottom right, what is wrong with us? Yeah a
statue of a famous homeless man walking the streets for 40 years and famous for treating everyone with respect and never
asking for money
Havana, Cuba.  Ahh, cruising in a 1960 Chevy Impala.  Pink no less.  Around the capital, down the Malecon, and through the
streets of Cuba.
Havana, Cuba.  Above, the Partragas factory where they make all the Cohibas, Romeo and Juliets, Monte Christos, and
others...above center, a guy segregating the types for color and quality.  Top right, a guy that got Bob's hat for some cigars and a
lady who had to kiss me when she heard I was from Cali.  Below, us in the front and below, center and right, building a better
Zlatni Rat, Croatia.  
On our way to Zlatni
Rat on the island of
Brac in Croatia.  The
ferry out to the left.  
Diana, on the famous
beach to the right.  
And lots of other pics
of the great beach.  It
is a beach that juts
out into the sea.  Very
Dubrovnik, Croatia.  To the left,
Diana doing a little shopping.  
To the right, a view above the
city.  Below, a water polo game
going on outside the city
walls.  Very fun!
Dubrovnik, Croatia.  
Above, a panorama view
of the location of my
proposal to Diana on the
wall.  To the right is us
checking out the rest of
the wall and below
another panorama of the
fantastic city!  We came
here in 2012 after visiting
the London Olympics!
Split, Croatia.  Diana and I
traveled down to Split on our
trip to Croatia in 2012.  To
the left, the old city.  To the
right, the view from the
tower.  To the right and
below, the tower itself.  
Below is the waterfront of
Split.  Great town!
Dubrovnik, Croatia.  To the left is the view
of our sunning and swimming spot!  Above
is a closer view.  To the right, our good
PAN beers!
Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Tons of great
sights inside the city walls.  The
above three are right in the main
square.  To the left is outdoor
viewing of the London Olympics.  
Very cool.  To the right, the old city in
the early morning as we left for the
airport.  Below are two pictures
looking back over the city as we
departed back home!
Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Just a
great city!  Above is on the city
walls looking out into the
Adriatic.  We had dinner down
in the main section in the
middle.  Very cool place.  To
the right, Diana taking pics
around the city.  To the right,
we returned to our spot.  
Bottom left, a great view of the
city at sundown.  Bottom right
is along the city walls.
Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Diana said yes!  Here is the picture after our
engagement on the wall in Dubrovnik in 2012.
Prague, Czech Republic.  
Diana and I with the
Charles Bridge and
Prague Castle behind us
(on the left).  To the right,
Diana and I looking from
Prague Castle back
towards the city.  Great
views!   Bottom right is a
big bottle of the original
Budweiser beer and more
Prague, Czech
 View below
from the top of the Old
Town Hall.  Everyone
on the right is waiting
for the astronomical
clock to begin it's
Prague, Czech Republic.  
Diana and I came here
during a trip to Europe in
2014.  Got to stay really close
to the old town (Stare Mesto)
(above left and right)  which
was near to the 600-year old
astronomical clock (to the
left) with the Church of our
Lady before Tyn (top left).  
Such a great city.  Top of the
top to visit.  Cheap, fun,
exciting.  So cool!  View from
our apartment below with our
fireworks show from our
apartment to the bottom left.
Sarah, Bob and I visited Prague on
our way to Oslo to be with Tessie's
family for Xmas in 1992.  To the
left, downtown Prague market.  To
the right, Charles Bridge.  Below,
Tessie and I.