Few Favorite Pictures of Each Country I Have Visited  -- Countries D
Travel Pictures
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Near Copenhagen, Denmark.  Bob, Tessie,
and Sarah screwing around on our ferry to
Copenhagen, Denmark.  Bob, Sarah and I
preparing lunch in the Copenhagen train
station.  We were waiting for a train to Oslo
Norway to stay with Tessie's parents for
Xmas, 1992.
Copenhagen, Denmark.  To the left,
Brandon, Jaap, me, Tessie and
Tina in Copenhagen.  It was the
start of our Baltic Cruise in 2001.  
To the right, the view from our
cruise ship.
Dominican Republic
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  Top left is the main shopping street in Santo Domingo.  Above center
getting some drinks at the Cafeteria, and above right, we got lucky in one of the stores.  Bob is the woman.  :)  The
3 pics below are of the remaining parts of the old walls and city gate.  Very nice!
Santo Domingo,
 Bob and I
standing in front of
the oldest existing
cathedral in the
Caribbean.  To the
right, inside.  Below
is Bob and Levi
doing the status and
below, BIRDS!!!!!  
Bottom right, the
park near the
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  Top left, Levi and Bob with our driver.  That was the sign he had up (Hawk, Worm,
Squirrel).  That is what I told him to have ready for us.  Bob and Levi think they are the mongoose and Cobra and I am the hawk.  
Above, center, our dinner location the first night.  Probably one of the best meals I have ever had.  Sea bass melted in my mouth.  
With cilantro and veggies.  Top right, something, i can't remember!  :)  Below is us on the fort in Colonial Dominican Republic.  
Below is Levi being Levi...this is our trip in 2011.
Roseau, Dominica.  On our way out to go
snorkeling.  Great scenery on the drive and
while snorkeling.  Levi to the left with some
great form!  Far left below, is the town the
morning of us leaving.  Didnn't get much of
a chance to hang out in town.
Dominica.  At
Falls, Papa
on the lett,
Momma on
the right.  
Above left,
me with my
board shorts
that Bob and
Levi hated.  
Right and left,
us in the hot
Roseau, Dominica.  Great beauty around the island
(above).  Definitely not below.  Below, Levi and Bob in
the van and us getting out checking out the view.
Roseau, Dominica.  Titou Gorge!  Fantastic
gorge created by the fast flowing river.  Very
cool.  It was where Pirates of the Caribbean
was filmed (the second movie).  So fun!!!
and, well, Levi!  
Our guide.  Great
guy.  To the right
and below, that is
Roseau and the
island of
Dominica from
our hotel.  This is
our 2011 trip.
Roseau, Dominica.  Top left.  That is us on the way
to Middleham Falls.  Above, right and below, that is
Middleham falls.
monkeys on the
way back from