Few Favorite Pictures of Each Country I Have Visited  -- Countries E-G
Travel Pictures
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Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.  Famous
blue-footed boobies, found all over the
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.  Famous
rock formation in the islands.
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.  
Sea lions laying about
everywhere...here they are with
April and the guide.
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.  Amazing
landscape at every turn.  Here are a
bunch of flamingoes in a shallow pond.
Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.  Group
picture with the other people on the
cruise (small boat of only 50 or so
Athens, Greece.  
Dennis, Myrna
and I at the end of
Egypt and Greece
(after about 3
months).  One of
last meals before
we catch a flight.
Athens, Greece.  over a
amphitheatre at the
Acropolis.  Below are
some statues on top of
the Acropolis.
Unbelievably beautiful
island with fantastic
restaurants and
stunning views.  Above
right, that is us looking
up the island.  To the left
above,to the
right, and directly   below
are the views from some
restaurants we ate in.  
To the left below is a
picture of us
motor-biking around the
Athens, Greece.  Above, the
Acropolis with the Parthenon
peeking out on the top right.  To
the right, Dennis and I in front of
the magnificent Parthenon.
Mykonos, Greece.  Myrna, Dennis and I arrive by boat from Athens after our
archaelogical dig in Israel in 1994.  Above, us three with the main part of town
behind us.  To the left, the fun streets with white-washed walls everywhere.  We
rented scooters and saw the whole island.
view from our
(Dennis, Myrna, and
I) hotel in downtown
Cairo.  We came
here after our
archaeological dig in
Israel in 1994.
Luxor, Egypt.  This is the
Karnak temple, one of the
most impressively huge
ancient sites I have seen.  
The scale is
indescribable.  That is us
to the left at the bottom
middle.  To the right is the
near the temple.  
Luxor, Egypt.  
around Luxor.
Luxor, Egypt.  The
Colossi of Memnon
guarding the
entrance to the
Valley of the Kings
and Queens in Luxor
(above).  To the left,
Myrna and Dennis in
front of King Tut's
tomb in the Valley of
the Kings.  To the
right, the temple of
Hapshepsut outside
famous pyramids
and Sphinx at Giza
(outside Cairo).  We
all took camel rides   
Giza,   The (they
Neuschwanstein Castle, Fussen,
 Adelle and I visiting the castle...
Rothenburg, Germany.  
On a field trip from my
semester in London in
1992.  With my class of
like 20 others...to the left
is us outside our hotel
in Rothenburg.  To the
right, April and Myrna in
Paris, France.  Thanksgiving,
1992 (while in London for a
semester through Pepperdine).  
A bunch of people from the
London program and the
Florence program met in Paris
over Thanksgiving.  In the picture
to the left, Rob, Sarah, Diedre,
Tessie, Amy, Tammy and Myrna.  
To the right, a bunch of us below
the Eiffel Tower.
Versailles, France.  Thanksgiving, 1992.  A bunch of us
visiting the Palace of Versailles outside of Paris.

Mont Marte, Paris, France.  Below at Mont Marte, a
famous area where artists hang out.  In front of the Sacre
Coeur Cathedral (Sacred Heart).
Munich, Germany.  Tessie and Bob at the
Hofbrauhouse in Munich Germany.  Bob
and I drank a couple huge beer stiens right
before our overnight train to Prague.
Tallinn, Estonia.  To the
left, a cool Russian
Orthodox church in the
center of old town.  To
the right, Tina and
Brandon outside
Helsinki, Finland.  To the left, an old government
building in downtown Finland.  Below, Brandon, Els,
Tessie and Tina out shopping in Helsinki.
Berlin, Germany.  To the
left, me, Tina, Tessie,
Els and Jaap at perhaps
Paris, France.  Visited Euro Disney with
Debbie in 1995.  Below, Levi, Euna, Debbie,
Tessie and I sightseeing in Paris.  Below that
is Debbie, Tessie and I at la Defense,
outside Paris where there are a lot of cool big
Nice, France.  
Debbie, and I
Nice in 1995.
Paris, France.  To the right, Tessie, Dad,
Bekki, Mom and I in front of the Arc de
Triumph in Paris...below is the entrance
to the Louvre.  We visited Paris in 1995.
Tikal, Guatemala.  We went out
Tikal.  Much better than Chichen
Itza.  Hands down, great place.  
Numerous ruins throughout the
whole jungle.  Left, us atop one of
the large ruins overlooking the   
We went out
Tikal, site.  Bottom
left, Levi, getting site.  Bottom left,
Levi, getting scared by a
"porcupine", below, and below
right, all of us in the main
square.  To the right, the view
from one of the large ruins.  This
was actually a scene in Star
Wars Episode IV.  It was the sight
of the rebel base at the end of the
flew to this island
on a lake to visit
Tikal.  Very cool
small island with
just hotels, bars
and food
joints...we will
always remember
the Gallo Beer
and many cobblestone streets all through the city.  Very beautiful city.  Above
is the Arch of the city.  To the left, all of us in our matching green rain jackets.  
Nerds!  Below, one of the many churches destroyed during earthquakes
hundreds of years ago.  Top right is Levi with the security guard at the Pollo   
Above left is a view of the city with a couple volcanoes
Antingua, Campero
restaurant.  Bottom right is us at Riki's...we met the girl in the pic at about
3pm and we all didn't finish drinking until about 1am.  Had the whole bar
going!  Just awesome!  Guatemala was on our trip to Central American in
Quito, Ecuador.  Came to Quito on my trip to South America in 2009 with
Levi.  Above left is our hotel.  Above right is Levi and I getting a couple of
drinks after getting stuck in Quiot for an extra 24 hours...below is Levi and
I at the La Mitad del Mundo (half of the world).  It is right at the Equator.  So
we are holding up the sign showing zero latitude and the other two
pictures are of us jumping back and forth from one hemisphere to the
Quito, Ecuador.  Levi and I running around the city of Quito.  Above left and middle is a cool church in Quito with amazing
stain-glassed windows.  Above, right is Levi in the square outside the church.  Below is Levi doing a statue and a couple
of shots around the city.
Quito, Ecuador.  Levi
and I went to the top of a
nearby mountain to see
the above the city of
Quito.  Perfect day.  
Could see the
volcanoes all around us.
Quito, Ecuador.  To the left and below, Levi
and I at the El Panecillo statue above
Quito.  The look on the girl's face below is
priceless.  A look that I noticed quite a bit
on the trip...and to the right, Levi and his
purchase of a mask at the local
market...no words.  Sorry.
not letting us sell her for 200 camels.  Below
is the long line of statues leading up to the
main hall.  Notice one of the obelisks are
gone (seen closer to the right).  The other is
in Paris on a main avenue, stolen by
Paris, France.  Trip to Paris with
Diana on her business trip.  
Such a fun and beautiful town.  
Left is near her hotel.  Below left
and below are pics along the
Seine.  To the right, Montmarte
from the Musee D'Orsay.
Paris, France.  The two pics below are from Montmarte and the
Sacre Coeur church.  
Paris, France.  Of course...have to get a
pic at the Eiffel Tower!
Munich, Germany.  
Quick pit stop in Munich
after our flight got
cancelled from Zurich to
Prague on our trip to
Europe in 2014.  Diana
and I saw the sights and
spent some time in the
Hofbrauhaus!  Great
beer and pretzels!
Athens and Chalkida, Greece.  While in
Greece, we got to spend a bunch of time with
Diana's aunts, uncles and cousins.  What a
great time.  What a great culture!  Spent so
much time eating and drinking!  One of the
highlights was a big dinner in the driveway to
accomodate all of us.  A drinking contest
ensued!  Also spent time in and around
Chalkida.  What a fantastic visit!
Skiathos, Greece.  On
our honeymoon, we
managed to escape to
Skiathos, an island East
of Athens.  What a great
getaway with fine sand
beaches.  So much fun!
Athens, Greece.  During our
honeymoon in 2013, being that
honeymoon in 2013, being that
spent a bunch of time in Athens
Diana was Greek, we had to at
the Acropolis and at the
Parthenon.  What a fantastic
place.  Managed to spend some
time with Diana's cousins
overlooking the city and around
the city and especially
Monastiraki square that had
such good views of the area.