Udaipur, India.  This is the
palace made famous in the
James Bond 007 movie
"Octopussy ".  This is the
summer palace that James
Few Favorite Pictures of Each Country I Have Visited  -- Countries H-J
Travel Pictures
Click on each image to see the full size picture--I have used thumbnails to make the
page load faster.
Budapest, Hungary.  The two sides of Budapest.  Pest (picture on the left), and Buda (picture
on the right).  The left picture has the state parliament buildings, and the right has Buda castle.
Varanasi, India.  This picture is the West
bank of the Ganges in Varanasi.  Varanasi
is the oldest living city in the world.  Hindus
come here to bathe in the waters and
wash away their sins.
Florence, Italy.  Dad
and I having a Moretti
beer  overlooking
Florence.  Bekki and I
in front of the Ponte
Baroda, India.  Wedding time!!!  
Bottom left:  getting ready for the
wedding with traditional Indian
gear.  Can you find me in there?  
Above middle:  Groom arriving
by horse from the streets.  
Came with his whole side of the
family.  Above right:  me, Tina
and Deval, my bestest Indian
Goa, India.  During carnival,
Goa's celebration with a gigantic
parade, I saw all of these kids
on this one scooter...count them,
Jaipur, India.  Above, top:  
Riding on an elephant at the fort
above Jaiper.  Directly above:  
Famous Pink City of Jaiper and
all of the buildings painted in
Agra, India.  Taj Mahal.  About 3
hours outside Delhi.
Mumbai (Bombay),
.  Above right:  
Levi and I with some
new friends near the
India Gate on our way
to Elephant Island by
boat.  Above:  all of us
eating after a few
hours of cricket.
Goa, India.  Walking around Goa and happened on
all of these kids getting out of school...
Goa, India.  
Doing a little
shopping on
the beach in
Rome, Italy.  Mom and I in front of the
colisseum in Rome.
Pompeii, Italy.  The ruins of Pompeii with the
culprit, Mount Vesuvius, in the background.  It
erupted in 79 AD destroying Pompeii.
Venice, Italy.  Family trip to Venice!  Top left:  
Jim, Bek, me, Mom and Dad in front of St.
Mark's cathedral.  Above:  me, Bek and Jim in
the grand canal in a water taxi going to the
hotel.  Left:  All of us on the Rialto bridge.
Dead Sea, Israel.  Swimming  with
no rafts!  There is so much salt
content that you just float, but it sucks
when you get it in your eyes!  Stings
forever!  Open sores and cuts too...
Jerusalem, Israel.  Took a bus
from Banias down to
Jerusalem (our bus got stoned
in Bethlehem).  Saw the Dome
of the Rock (upper left) which
is a very sacred site for
Muslims, Jerusalem from the
Mount of Olives, and to the
right, Dennis and I overlooking
the Wailing Wall and the
Temple Mount, a site very
sacred to Jews.
Banias, Golan Heights, Israel.  Warning
signs for land mines off the main paths
fuzzies don't it?
Here is the area where Dennis
and I dug every day for a couple
Banias is in the Golan Heights,
the area in dispute with Syria.  
Often saw and heard military
activity (helicopters, shooting)
and rockets being shot at the
town near us.  Banias is an old
Roman town.  We are digging
up an old Roman church.
Acco, Israel.  Our Pepperdine group.  We
were in Israel for an archaelogical dig in
Banias in 1994.  We are on a field trip to
Dublin, Ireland.  This picture is of River Liffey
in Dublin.  Bob, Dean and I went there for a
few days in Nov or Dec of 1992.
West side of Ireland called the cliffs of
Moher (see to the right).  Above is Dean,
Bob and I trying to do our best U2 picture.
Blarney Castle, Ireland.  
The picture above is of
me kissing the Blarney
in Ireland.  To the right is
Dean and I screwing
around with a boulder
outside the castle.  Ahh,
college humor...
Rome, Italy.  Bob, Tessie
and Sarah at Capitoline
Hill and Square in Rome
by Michelangelo in 1992.  
We jumped on the
Florence program's field
trip to Rome (Tessie and
Sarah were in the
Florence program).
Florence, Italy.  
Dennis, Debbie,
Tessie, Levi and
Greg in Florence
screwing around at
dinner, in the
streets and
overlooking the city.
Rome, Italy.  Trevi Fountain in Rome.  
Visited it with Tessie and Debbie in 1995.
Venice, Italy.  Debbie,
Brian, Tessie and I in St.
Mark's Square in 1995.
Pisa, Italy.  Tessie, Debbie
and I visiting the leaning
tower of Pisa in 1995.
Naples, Italy.  
Amazingly vibrant
place.  Probably one of
my favorites in all of
Italy...birthplace of pizza
and all around fun.
Visited Bologna in
2004 (stayed with a
friend that I met in
India).  Place with
Bologna, Italy.two
cool towers (you
can   see one to the
left) and an
immensely huge
cathedral (to the
Milan, Italy.  From atop
the famous Cathedral in
Milan.  The best part of
Milan was seeing the
Last Supper by Da Vinci
(weren't allowed to take
Agra, India.  To the right,
Bob with the store owner
he bought some stuff from,
below left, Bob and I in
front of Agra Fort, and
below right, a picture from
our 3 hour trip down to
Agra, India.  Bob and I on our trip in 2007.  We
travelled to see the Taj Mahal.  To the left, Bob
and I.  Above, the Taj from Agra Fort, and below,
up close...stunning.
Hiroshima, Japan.  Top left, the A-Bomb
dome.  The most striking reminder of the
first atomic bomb used on people in 1945.  
Visited here in 2007.  Above, Peace Park
and museum commemorating the blast.  
To the left, Japanese kids on a school
assignment to ask a bunch of questions
about attitudes about nuclear war.
Miyajima, Japan.  A secluded island
off the shore of Hiroshima.  Far left, me
and some friends I met on the way
over to the island.  We are in front of
the red torii leading to the famous
shrine on the Island.  Left, us at dinner
eating and drinking lots of beer and
sake.  Middle left, the torii the next
morning.  Below center, a must visit for
Japanese school kids.  Bottom left, the
view of the shrine on the island.  
Bottom center, one of the most
common sights in Japan, an outside
vending machine.  Below, a bunch of
sake containers..
Kyoto, Japan.  Left, the entrance to the
Kiyomizudera buddhist temple complex.  
Above, the temple itself (no nails were
used on the deck).  Below pictures of the
streets around the temple.
Kyoto, Japan.  Above, a bamboo forest
that looked cool near one of the temples.  
Right, the ultra-modern Kyoto main train
Kyoto, Japan.  Above, the Golden
Temple, Kinkakuji.  Very beautiful.  Above,
that, a temple with many lights.
Kyoto, Japan.  Kyoto, the ancient capital
of Japan.  Above,  my room
accomodations while in Kyoto.  Thought I
would go traditional.
Tokyo, Japan.  The apartment I stayed in
while in Japan with Auke and Liesje
(Tessie's aunt and uncle).  Fantastic
apartment with great views of Tokyo.  To
the left, a very nice area near their
Tokyo, Japan.  Above and to
the left...some kind of kid
dress up day at the Meiji
Shrine in Tokyo.
Tokyo, Japan.  Dinner party at the Rottier's
(Tessie's Aunt and Uncle).  Above, Liesje, their
two Dutch firends and Ami drinking before
dinner.  Directly above, Auke and Jason out on
the fantastic balcony admiring the view of Tokyo.
Tokyo, Japan.  The skyline of Tokyo.  Far
left, the view from the top of Roppongi
Hills.  Above, the Tokyo Tower.  Right,
another view from Roppongi Hills.
Tokyo, Japan.  Ultra modern Japan!  Top
Left, Ginza.  The main high-end shopping
area.  Above, Shibuya, one of the most
busy areas in Japan (at night it is wall to
wall people).  To the left, a concert at
Roppongi Hills.
Amman, Jordan.  Levi in our
rented Citroen!  Ready to drive up
and down Jordan on our trip in
Petra, Jordan.  The huge
city area of Petra.  Above,
along the main pathway of
Petra.  Above right, a large
amphitheatre.  To the left,
large burial tombs for the
important people of Petra.  
And to the right and below is
the famous Monastery.  
Huge religious complex for
people to visit thousands of
years ago.
Petra, Jordan.  Above, Levi and I at
the entrance to the area in front of
the Treasurey.  To the right, the
Dead Sea, Jordan.  To the left, the
warning sign at the Dead Sea.  Above, a
little mud treatment and to the right, Levi
and I floating in the salty water!
Jordan.  Above:  Ahh, the views while
driving to Petra!  To the right, Levi with the
view of the Petra valley behind him at
Sunset.  Below:  The city of Petra.
Pesaro, Italy.  The
where my friend
lives.  Great   The
Pesaro,   The town
on the Adriatic town
on the Adriatic
where my friend
lives.  Great
beaches, fantastic
Venice, Italy.  July of
July of 2008.  Below
is a picture of the
canal from the
museum.  One of my
Padua, Italy.  Big
city in the north of
Gubbio, Italy.  One
of the towns I
visited while visiting
my friend in Pesaro,
Italy in July 2008.
Perugia, Italy.  One of the towns I visited
while visiting my friend in Pesaro, Italy in July
Assisi, Italy.  One of the towns I visited while
visiting my friend in Pesaro, Italy in July 2008.  
This is the hometown of St. Francis of Assisi.
Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia.  Went to Bali in 2010
with Levi and Bob.  Above the town of Kuta and above
right Kuta Beach.  To the left, our first dinner in town.  
Food was great!
Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia.  Above, foot fish
therapy!  They eat off the dead skin on your legs!
Kuta Beach, Bali,
Above, Kuta.  
Above right, Levi
after a surf.  Bob,
chilling on the
chair.  To the right
is me almost
buying that pirate
kite.  So cool, but
it didn't fly!  
Bottom two pics
is us jackasses
hanging out.
Kuta Beach, Bali,
 To the left,
Kuta.  To the right,
another great and
tasty meal!  Bottom left
is me buying a shirt
for Ryan, or me buying
a shirt for me in the
girls store according
to Bob and Levi.  
Bottom right is our
hotel pool.  Lots of fun
and beer there!
Kuta Beach, Bali,
 Surf day!  
Top right, Levi and I
negotiating for
boards.  Above
waxing our
brand!  Hah!  Left and
right, heading out.
Kuta Beach, Bali, Indonesia.  So, to the left is
jackass Levi doing his version of Tai Chi or
whatever...Above and to the right, that is Levi
giving Bob some standard WTF looks.  Bottom is
Levi buying a kite for May.
Kuta Beach, Bali,
Welcome beautiful
May!  She came and
joined us.  To the left
is us out looking at
surf spots.  To the
right is us at the
beach drinking
beers.  Bottom left
and right is us
getting sushi on our
last night!  Great,
great sushi.  Then
very bottom is us
drinking our last
beers of the trip.  
Well, at least, Bob
and I.  Levi got us
some shirts.  So
Kuta Beach, Bali,
reserve!  That is Levi with a
monkey and a couple pics
with monkeys.  So the baby
one to the right?
Reykjavik, Iceland.  Beautiful Reykjavik.  Top left, main downtown area.  Above, center, Cultural Day!  Best day to be here!  
Seems like the entire country comes to town to listen to bands, see art, eat, see fireworks, do a marathon.  Little Fishers playing
chess above left.  Below, a bunch of pics of the main street downtown.  Filled with people!!!  Came here in 2011.
Reykjavik, Iceland.  More pics from cultural
day.  Tons and tons of people!  Levi to the
left.  Started our beers!  Above, people
looking at the band.  Below left, our crappy
happy dogs which were billed as the best
in all of Iceland.  Next was the fireworks
show!!!  30 minute show over in 8 minutes!
Reykjavik, Iceland.  Still going!  Above center is a crazy glacier frozen between the mountain.  Really pretty.  Above right is a valley
created from the glaciers.  Below left, on our way to, yeah, whatever the sign says.  Bottom center, where we just came from!  The
mountains are sheered off from the glaciers.  Bottom right, Levi pointing to where we are going.
Outside Reykjavik, Iceland.  
Went on a tour, and one of the
places we stopped, we got to
snorkel between the North
American and European plates!  
We all had to wear dry suits as it
was like 2 or 3 degrees above
freezing!  37 degrees F.  
Afterwards we jumped in!  Crazy
cold!!!!  The water is crazy clear
as it is filtered through the mantle.
Outside Reykjavik, Iceland.  
Visited the Gulfloss waterfall on
our tour.  Very beautiful.  To the
right, Levi is doing a little stare
down, then, going in for the
kiss.  What a honey.  The only
ones that usually kiss him are
his mom, May and Bob!
Reykjavik, Iceland.  The
main Lutheran church
downtown.  Great views of
the city and a pretty church
Reykjavik, Iceland.  Finally up to the lava fields.  Crazy sight seeing the lava spill over the top (in the center above), where we are in
the rest of these pictures.  Still smoldering from the eruption of Eyjajfallajokull in 2010.  So hot you could cook a hot dog by digging a
foot down.  Looks like Mars!  Thanks for the rock Levi!  And far below, Levi stretching at the end of the day.  Made me laugh.
Reykjavik, Iceland.  Second day we took a hike up to the place where the volcanos erupted in 2010.  7 hour hike going 25km and
up 800 meters.  Helluva hike!  Very beautiful the whole way with lots of glaciers.  Below, my best I don't know what look.  And Levi
below with his wonderful rock marker.
Reykjavik, Iceland.  Beautiful Reykjavik.  Top is the Seljalandsfoss waterfall.  Very beautiful.  Below left is a car that got stuck in
one of the rivers created from the melting glaciers.  "Show us the look of bad decision making".  Below is the Gigjokull glacier.  It
was ripped and in pieces and partially melted and created a large lagoon from the eruptions in 2010.
Reykjavik, Iceland.  Beautiful Reykjavik.  Top left and top center is the
geyser field.  The original Geyser is here that gave the name to all the
others.  The one that erupted is Strokkur.  Top right is some crazy Viking
conquerers!  Our Super Jeep as the call it to the left.  Actually a Toyota.
Bali, Indonesia.  Levi and I made a
return visit at the end of our Asia
2012 trip to Bali.  Got to hang out at
the great beaches (above and to
the left).  I also witnessed Levi's
amazing power with people as he
broke down another vendor getting
clothes for May and Diana (bottom
left).  Below is our flight out from
Rome, Italy.  Ahh, the sights
around Rome!  Above left is a
typicaly time out near our hotel
near the Piazza Navona
(wonderful plaza!).  Above us
making a wish at the Font Di
Trevi.  Top right and right is the
amazing Pantheon.  What a
fantastic sight to stumble
upon!  Left is the Spanish
Steps.  Bottom left, night in
Trastevere.  Bottom and
bottom right, the stunning St.
Florence, Italy.  The second
stop on our honeymoon was
down to Florence.  Far left
above is the view from our
hotel room.  Above is the view
from Piazzale Michelangelo
back towards the city. Above
right is from the top of the
Duomo and the view to the
right is the stunning Duomo
and Santa Maria del Fiore
church.  Left, the good luck act
of rubbing the snout of the pig
in a Florence market.  Below
left, is a picture in front of the
Ponte Vecchion and bottom
right is beautiful night picture of
the duomo.
Venice, Italy.  Here are a
bunch of pictures in St. Mark's
square.  Top left is from the top
of the Campanielle.  Top is St.
Mark's church and Doge's
Palace.  And the other three
are in the square itself.
Rome, Italy.  Went to the
Colosseum on a Sunday
and the road leading up to it
is closed...got a wonderful
view of it and the forum.
Venice, Italy.  A fun gondola
ride! (right and below).  
Great to see the Ponte di
Rialto.  Such a great place!
honeymoon in 2013!  First stop
was Venice.  So many great
sights all around this stunning
city.  Above left, Diana and I on
the Ponte dell'Accademia
overlooking the beautiful Santa
Maria Church.  Other nice
sights around the city as well.