Few Favorite Pictures of Each Country I Have Visited  -- Countries L-M
Travel Pictures
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Riga, Latvia.  Above, beautiful church in Riga.  At right,
a church rebuilt to its former glory after being
destroyed in World War II.  Beautiful city.  The country
is in the north of Europe, bordering Russia and
Vilnius, Lithuania.  A view overlooking the city from
high atop a hill.  Fantastic city.  To the right is one of
the main shopping streets.  The country borders
Latvia and Belarus.
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.  Very small country
of Luxembourg.  Very beautiful city and one of the
wealthiest in the world.  The city is built on a number
of valleys and outcrops making the city very
interesting.  The country is sandwiched between
Germany, Belguim and France.
Blue Bay, Mauritius.  Visited these beautiful islands which are east
of Madagascar.  Went to the water, drank some Mauritius rum, went
to town for lunch and had some coconut juice directly from the
coconuts (below).
Antananarivo, Madagascar.  Our taxi
driver took us to a spot overlooking
the capital.  Fantastic view.  Got to see
some locals playing chess.
Antananarivo, Madagascar.  Above left, Levi and I
outside our hotel.  Above right, the view from our taxi
as we drove outside of town.  Madagascar is east of
the southern tip of Africa.
Outside Antananarivo, Madagascar.  Levi and I
went by taxi to visit an old Royal Palace and fort.  
Above left, shows the fort as we arrived.  Above,
shows a big celebration occurring with the
cutting up of a cow and distributing to all the
attendees.  Levi and I overlooking the valley at
left.  At bottom left, some friends we made at a
gift shop.  Below, some locals waving to Levi
and I as we left.
Cool statue to the right in the park
above the city.  The three below
see in Skopje, but to the left is us
are all in the Turkish part of the
see in Skopje, but to the left is us
where our hotel was located.  
city.  Bottom left is the bazaar,   
Not a ton to
Skopje, bottom center
is the place we had some
amazing meat pockets for
breakfast, and bottom right is
Dave and Leslie buying a cool
bracelet for Leslie.  The litte boy
did all the translating and
exchange rate conversions for his
Monaco-Ville, Monaco.  To the left and below, pictures of the
incredibly rich and beautiful principality of Monaco.  Visited in 1995
with Tessie and Debbie.
Blue Bay, Mauritius.  Visited these beautiful islands which are east
of Madagascar.  Went to the water, drank some Mauritius rum, went
coconuts (below).
Puerto Nuevo, Mexico.  Above, all of us
out in Puerto Nuevo getting lobster,
drinking and screwing around...below,
coming back from surfing in front of Las
Las Gaviotas, Mexico.  Went down to
Mexico for a weekend of surfing, the
girls messing with Mike's butt...to the
right, all of .  Went down to us hanging
around, us hanging around, below,
Mike below, Mike jumping at the
camera jumping at the camera while
we all while we all watch the Lakers...
Vientiane, Laos.  No trip would be
complete without Levi bargaining
for hours for such useful items as
straw hats and flutes.  That is him
to the left.  Levi and I to the right in
front of an Arc de Triumphe type
building in downtown Vientiane.  It
was funny, it was described on the
building itself as a concrete
monster, very impressive from far
away and less so as you get closer
to it...had a good laugh about that
and I went to Laos in
2007.  We got lucky that
an annual festival with
fantastic boat races on
the Mekong River.  To
the right, two pictures of
the boats and the
races.  To the left, top,
the scene along the
river watching the
races.  To the left and
left below, Levi and I
enjoying our
Beerlaos...to the right,
our view.
Chichen Itza, Mexico.  Chichen Itza, one of the 7 new wonders of the
world.  Above, all of us in front of the main temple.  Above middle, Bob
and Levi playing the game where you have to hit the ball in the ring
above without using your hands.  Above, rights, me and Bob playing the
same game.  To the right, Levi and Bob in front of the ruins.  Below, the
other side of the main temple.  Below, center, Bob and Levi enacting
Perseus (Bob) battling Meducs (Levi) by looking at Medusa's face in the
reflection of his shield.  Yeah, we enacted a lot of scences from movies.  
The other is bottom right.  It is from the movie 300.  It is where Leonidus
kicks the Persians in the well and says, "This is Sparta!".  Well our
version is Levi screaming, "This is Maya!" and kicking Bob in the giant
drinking water cavern!
Cancun,  Mexico.  To the
left, us stopping in
Cancun looking at the
great beaches before
heading to our hotel.  Levi
of course got a ticket for
speeding!  To the right,
us eating lunch on our
first day of the trip.  Great
food, great beers.  This
was on our trip to Central
America in 2008.
Marrakesh, Morocco.  
This is what happens
when I give Levi the some
people take a picture...of
course makes fun of me
and takes a bunch of
Marrakesh, Morocco.  Me above at the
Palais El Badi
.  An oasis
in the middle of
Marrakesh, Morocco.  
The cool doors of
Marrakesh, Morocco.  
Above, the beautiful
tower at the Mosque of
La Koutoubia in
Marrakesh, Morocco.  Above, Levi
haggling for an hour with a carpet
guy...he wasn't happy when Levi called it
a blanket.  Of course the guy loved Levi by
the end, even though Levi got an amazing
Marrakesh, Morocco.  Cultural sensitivity time!  Above,
Levi and I in traditional garb..."these aren't the droids you
are looking for..."  And below, look carefully, Levi, being
Levi.  Levi making fun of the local...we did manage to attract
a crowd.  Thanks for making American not look crass and
insensitive, Levi!  Check!
Marrakesh, Morocco.  Above and right,
Levi and I checking out all the wondering
sights in the souks of Marrakesh.
Marrakesh, Morocco.  To the left, Levi and I
having dinner on New Year's night...what is
with the dude in the picture by the meat?  Is
that you Bob?
Marrakesh, Morocco.  Camel rides at our
eventual New Year's Eve Bar!!!  Nothing like
red carpets and camel rides...Of course,
Levi had to fix the getting screwed for
overcharging us!
Casablance, Morocco.  Above left, our location on the water where our hotel was
located...tons of bars around that we hit...fun place!  Above right, the HUGE Hussan II
Mosque on the coast.  Third largest mosque in the world after two in Saudi Arabia.  
Ulaanbataar, Mongolia.  Made it to our
traditional Genghis Khan tour!  That is
us in the traditional houses.  Above,
trying to keep warm.  To the left, in a
house with traditional food.  Nasty,
nasty butter food.  Brutal!
Ulaanbataar, Mongolia.  No trip is
complete without a stop to drink
fermented mare milk.  Right, of
course?  NASTY!  Well we all tried
it.  But, it was BAD!!!!
Ulaanbataar, Mongolia.  
Back in the main
square...posing with a
traditional Mongolian.  To
the right, Levi and I posing
with the local kids...
Ulaanbataar, Mongolia.  Above, all of us
turning the prayer wheels at Gandan
Monastery.  Below left the Monastery.  
Directly below, Levi doing what he loves
the most.  Heckle the people asking for
money.  "Where are you FRAME???"
Ulaanbataar, Mongolia.  To
the left, a stop at the
bridget...that is Levi and
Bob with our guide.  Levi
wanted to fish.
Ulaanbataar, Mongolia.  A stop at turtle
rock and monkey rock.  Nice pose
above Bob.  Whatever.  To the left, the
monkey and turtle.  To the right, Levi
and our guide creating songs with the
Ulaanbataar, Mongolia.  Part of the tour.  Shooting the bow and arrow
like Ghengis Khan.  Bob, shooting to the stars...perhaps that is why
you are climbing the mountain to pick yours up.  Me, to the right, the
only one hit the target.  Levi was impressed with his own form.  Good
for you!  And below our chance to ride horses like Genghis.  Somehow
not quite the same thing I don't think.  Especially with those horses
having one foot in the glue factory.  A celebratory cigar.  Bob, of course,
gave his to a 12 year old kid.  Nice work!
.  I have to
eat breakfast with that
face!  Like my room
key Bob?
Ulaanbataar, Mongolia.  To the left, Levi
hotel on the planet.  Thanks Bob!  To
the right, on our way to the country...a
local on the side of the road.  Below, us
posing with the fun soviet trucks.  And
further below the traditional houses.  
Ulaanbataar is the coldest capital in the
world.  Minus 30 for a week last year!
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.  
A cool boat in the Kota
Kinabalu Harbor.  Above
left, Levi being Levi as we
head for the Orangutan
preserve.  Love the girl's
face on the left.  
Indifference, annoyance?  
To the left, at the preserve
with 3 monkies.  To the
right, eating in KK.   
Below right,visiting the
Mari Cultural Village near
KK.  Look crazy mean
bottom right.  Levi and I
came here in 2012.
Batu Caves (near Kuala
Lumpur), Malaysia
Fantastic Hindu temple in
the center of the cavern at
the top of the stairs (top
right).  To the left, Levi
and I about to scale the
stairs.  Below left is at the
center of the cavern as
well.  Below, a great relief
of Hindu gods.  
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  
Ahhh, love tall buildings!  
Above and to the left and the
right are the Petronas
Towers.  Tallest buildings in
the world at one point.  Below
left is the Kuala Lumpur tower
that provided some amazing
views!  Levi and I came here
in 2012.
Ulaanbataar, Mongolia.  Took a little bus trip
down to Hercig Novi for the day.  Great place!  
Quick stop for some viewing over the beautiful
lakes and then a banio in the water!  Nice
cathedral there too!  Above, both of us being
goofy as usual!
Vaduz, Liechtenstein.  The tiny country of
Liechtenstein!  A whole 61 sq miles and 37,000
people.  You can basically see the whole country from
the top of the mountain (see below).  Top right, the
government building in Vaduz.  The other pictures are
from the sights around the country.  Far left is of
Diana in front of the bus we had to take as there was
no train access to the capital.
Valetta, Malta.  Went down to
Malta after one of Diana's
business trips to London and
Paris on 2015.  What a great
city!  Very middle-eastern feel
and tons of fun.  Great food
and a great time.  Old town is
seen in these pics.  What a
really cool harbor as well.
Blue Grotto, Malta.  Side (to
the right).  Really beautiful
caves.  Had a little lunch
coming back (to the left)
with some local brew.