Few Favorite Pictures of Each Country I Have Visited  -- Countries N-P
Travel Pictures
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Netherlands (and St. Maartin)
Muscat, Oman.  Beautiful mosque in Oman.  
Oman is one of the cleanest, nicest, most
beautiful of the middle eastern countries I
have visited.  The people there are perhaps
the friendliest too!
Muscat, Oman.  An oasis for some, a
Starbucks right along the beach in Muscat
(above).  Standing at the Starbucks with the
beach behind us (above right).  Beachfront is
fantastic with nice, fine sandy beaches.  To
the right is a bunch of fisherman bringing in
their net and their haul.
Muscat, Oman.  Bob and Levi shopping at
an outdoor market for frankincense.  Local
Omani with their traditional clothing.  The
Muscat, Oman.  Bob and I (left)
overlooking another resort area.  Muscat is
large mountains meeting beautiful
beaches.  Fantastic resorts here!
Muscat, Oman.  Along the
corniche (waterfront).  Top left
(during the day), then we went
shopping and came out to
darkness and had dinner at the
Gulf Fast Food Coffee Shop
(above), and to the left bottom is a
picture of the corniche at night.  
Really beautiful place.
Oslo, Norway.  Bob,
Sarah, Tessie and I
stayed in Oslo at
Tessie's parents
house over Xmas
1992.  To the left is
their house...to the
right, decorating
homemade cookies
with her parents.  
Bottom left, all of us
on Christmas
morning opening
Oslo, Norway.  Out to
visit Holmenkollen.  
The ski jump for the
winter olympics in
Oslo, Norway.  Bob, Sarah,
Tessie and I at
Viegelandsparken, a giant
park by Viegeland.  It was
made entirely of entertwined
Oslo, Norway.  Out on the frozen lake near Tessie's parent's house...to the left, Sarah, Tessie and I.  Above, all of us,
with Jaap (Tessie's dad) and Tina (Tessie's sister).  To the right, Tessie's parents, Jaap and Els.  Magical time for all
of us thanks to Tessie's parents.
Amsterdam, The
.  Visited the
Netherlands in 1995.  To
the left is a typical street
and canal in
Amsterdam.  To the right
is a view of the Red Light
Ameland, The Netherlands.  Visited
the Netherlands in 1997.  Went to
Ameland Island (North part of
Holland).  To the left on the way to
Ameland (typical view with canals),
below and to the right, fantastic
Ameland Island with a typical Dutch
Ameland, The Netherlands.  
The whole gang (hanging
around Tessie's Grandma's
trailer on Ameland (to the right
wearing my glasses.).
.  Above, the
Three Swords
Monument in
Stavanger with
Tessie, her dad and
Near Stavanger,
.  To the right
and below, the
incredible Priekestolen.  
It is a has a sheer drop
of thousands of feet to
the Fjord below.  You
can go all the way to the
edge and look down
straight to the Fjord.
Kathmandu, Nepal.  Above, Bob, Levi and I in
front of a temples in Kathmandu in 2007.  To
the right, Levi and Bob in front of a god...far
right, a very tangled mess of spaghetti...
Kathmandu, Nepal.  To the left, Levi and I
waiting for our pan to be made (left
below).  Our man is making it below.  
Consists of lots of tastes with tobacco
wrapped in a leaf.  Chew away!
Kathmandu, Nepal.  At the
stupa overlooking the whole
city, we bought prayer flags
and hung them up and wrote
names of our friends and
loved ones on the flags.
Kathmandu, Nepal.  Can you find the
monkey?  I mean the one that is not Levi?  
We are at a stupa overlooking the whole city.
Mt. Everest, Nepal.  MT EVEREST!!!!  Saw it
from the plane going to Nepal from Bhutan.  
We were at 30k feet and it was at about our
height.  Crazy!
Kathmandu, Nepal.  At the biggest
stupa in the world.
Ameland, The Netherlands.  At the
Noble on Ameland island.  Managed
to see all the Orange supporters
after their world cup win!  Below is a
view of their really nice house.
Ameland, The Netherlands.  The sights around
Ameland island.  Fantastic place.  Great lighthouse
and traditional windmill with Tante Liesje.
The fun activities
on Ameland with
Om Auke.  To the
left, the statues
of the dike
watchers making
sure the dikes
are okay (we are
helping them not
get blown over
left, all of us
playing bache
ball.  To the right,
me recreating
the herring that
Om Auke had me
Ameland, The
.  Above and
the left, a really nice
dinner.  Below, a picture
of Om Auke's new flag!
Zwolle, The Netherlands.  Tante Marianne and Om
Wout!  Great to see and hang out with them!
Ameland, The Netherlands.  
Walking on the SW corner on
the beach in Ameland.  Very
beautiful.  Tante Liesje and Om
Auke holding hands.  Very cute.  
To the right, the really nice
beach with tons and tons of
seashells to pick from.
Ameland, The Netherlands.  
Volleyball tourney!!!  So many
bikes!  Ahhh, the Nobelje, how I
enjoyed thee!!!
Ameland, The
.  Above,
right, that is Om Auke
in front of his fantastic
house!  To the left, a
close up of the roof of
their fantastic house!  
To the right, breakfast
with Om Robert,
Tante Ricki, and
Tante Liesje.
Friesland, The Netherlands.  
Quick stop on the way to
Ameland to on my trip to the
Netherlands in June, 2010.  To
the left, Tanta Carla and Om
North Korea
Panmunjom.  Top left:  The bridge of No Return!  Place
where North and South Korea exchanged prisoners.  
No going back!  Above the site of the Ax Incident when
North Koreans killed a bunch of South Koreans for
chopping tree down.  Top left is us three jackasses in
modified Tae Kwon Do stance scaring nobody!
Panmunjom, North
.  Visited
Panmunjom from South
Korea.  Went to the
DMZ.  Above is the
conference room where
you can go onto North
Korea territory.  That is a
South Korean soldier,
Levi, Bob and I.  Top left
and bottom left, South
Korean soldiers
guarding the border.  
Right, North Korean
soldiers making sure
no one of their visitors
little guy, Kim Jung Il!  To the left...three
between North and South Korea.
St. Maartin, The Netherlands.  It's Holland in
the Caribbean!  Great place.  Diana and I
visited over New Year's 2013.  Above left is
our hotel Holland House in Phillipsburg.  
Above, my buddy that played every afternoon.  
Great reggae.  I asked Diana to pose (to the
left) and this is what I got.  Ahhh, my
Presidente to the right.  Below, our view from
the hotel.
St. Maartin, The Netherlands.  Six cruise
ships!  Popular place.  Above to the right is
us on our last night on the island!
St. Maartin, The Netherlands.  One of the
coolest things on the island!  The airport!  
The landing / take off strip is right near the
beach.  People go to watch the 747's land
(below and to the right), and get blown into
the water on takeoffs.  Above right is the local
bar that puts the day's schedule on the board
for all to see!
St. Maartin, The Netherlands.  Our view at
night to the left.  New Year's fireworks!  Great
show!  Diana below at one of our favorite
afternoon hangouts.  Below right is the
beautiful nights on the island!
.  Diana and
I visited Amsterdam
during our trip to Europe
in 2014.  Absolutely love
the place!  So beautiful!  
And the city isn't huge,
so, it is really accessible
and fun.  Can't wait to go
back!  These pictures
are just some of the nice
views around the town
and the canals.
.  We lucked
out on our timing!  We
were here during the
Netherlands vs Spain
world cup game!  
Netherlands beat Spain
5-1.  What a fun time to
be in the city!  The city
erupted when they won!
.  To the left
is the place where we
stayed (found it on
AirBnB).  Bottom left is
from our trip to the
Heineken Brewery.  
Above, the real reason
we came to Europe,
Pearl Jam in concert in
Amsterdam!  To the top
right, our dinner location
one night.  And to the
right, lunch with Tessie's
family:  Jan, Nicole, and
Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Diana and I got to
visit Amsterdam in April 2016 during her
business trip to check out the fashion of
London and the denim in Amsterdam.  One of
the most stunning places for architecture.  
Some great sights around the city.  We
managed to have some bitterballen (bottom
left) and got to visit with the Eerlighs and the
Douwes (bottom right).  Lucky us!  It was
really nice to see family!