Machu Pichu, Peru.  At left, Beth, April and I
at Machu Pichu in Peru.  We later climbed
that mountain in the back that overlooks
Mahcu Pichu.  Above, close up of MP.  At
right, me on the edge!
Few Favorite Pictures of Each Country I Have Visited  -- Countries N-P
Travel Pictures
Click on each image to see the full size picture--I have used thumbnails to make the
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Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Poland.  Above is a
picture of the entrance to the concentation camp.  The
entrance to Auschwitz I was - and still is - marked with the
sign "Arbeit Macht Frei", or "work (will) make (you) free."
Cusco, Peru.  Very
beautiful and high in
altitude Cusco.  Felt like
a cross between Italy
and Tibet.  The altitude
takes your breath away
for the first day or so
that you are there.  Left,
April, Beth and I eating
overlooking the main
square.  At right, Beth
and I in the main
Warsaw, Poland.  Above and to the right,
beautiful Warsaw.
Bohol, Philippines.  Above:  Two pictures of the beautiful vegetation on Bohol Island.  Below left, Bob and I at Chocolate Hills.  
They are hundreds of small hills all the same size that are typically chocolate brown in color.  Formed when the island was under
water.  Bottom center, the main town in Bohol, Tagbilaran.  At bottom, right, Bob with the smallest monkey in the world.
Outside Cusco, Peru.  At left, Beth and April feeding the
Llamas and Alpaca.  At right, us with some locals at one of the
ancient Mayan ruins.
Cebu City, Philippines.  Top left, shows the
view from our hotel of Cebu City.  Above,
some kids that we meet.  At left, the
ubiquitous Jeepny, the chosen moved for
public transport in the Philippines.
Krakow, Poland.  To
the left, the view of
Wawel - a limestone
hill south of the Old
Town with the Royal
Castle and the
cathedral.  Picture on
the right:  Royal Castle.
Krakow, Poland.  To
the left, Old Town
Krakow.  To the right,
the Holy Mary Church
in the main square.
Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol
Island, Philippines
.  Left, Bob
out on our balcony overlooking
the fantastic beaches at Alona
Beach.  We stayed at the Lost
Horizon Beach hotel.  At right,
Bob walking around Alona.  
Bottom left, one of the resorts
on Alona.  Bottom right, the
employees at Lost Horizon.
Manila, Philippines.  In Manila for Levi and May's Wedding
in March, 2008!  To the left, Levi, May and I out in a Jeepny
going to lunch.  To the right, Levi and May heading
towards the Jollibee (the Philippino McDonald's).  Below,
May and I with Jollibee!  That was my name when I met
new people at the wedding...bottom left...a familiar picture
for people about to get married...
Panama City, Panama.  Skyline of
Panama City.  Visited this city on our
trip to Central America in 2008.  
Amazing the number of tall buildings
here.  It has been called Miami of
Central America.  Got ridiculously lost
trying to find our hotel.  Stayed near a
casino and gambled one night.  Levi
taught us how to play craps.  I rolled
like 15 times once!  Beginners luck!
Miraflores Locks,
Panama Canal,
 Levi, Bob and I
visited the Panama
Canal.  We were really
lucky as the announcer
told everyone that the
biggest ship every to
come through the
Panama Canal came
through when we were
there.  See the pictures of
the ship in all four of
these pictures.  Fantastic
process as we watched
the ship being put
through the locks using
the engines on the side
of the ship.  Really cool
process to watch.
Portobelo, Panama.  We all decided to drive from Panama City on the
Pacific all the way to Portobelo on the Caribbean Sea.  We visited them the
same day.  We stopped on the way and watched everyone take to the beach
for volleyball and soccer and beer and music on holiday (to the left).  And to
the bottom, left and right, we visited Portobelo where there was an old fort
right on the water.  Really cool to see.  Levi below fighting off all the pirates!
Asuncion, Paraguay.  Levi and I running around
downtown Asuncion to buy our ticket to the game
for the night and to pick up our gear for the night.  
Above, Bob happened to join us!  (or at least we
wish he did)!  Middle is Levi with his new gear.  
Far right is the Plaza de Heroes, which has the
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (right middle) and
the site of the partying later that night...Bottom
right, is the site of the Presidential building.  
Below is Levi doing air guitar in the middle of
Asuncion...makes sense right?  And what am I
doing?  And bottom middle is Levi buying
stamps, AGAIN!
Asuncion, Paraguay.  
Levi and I went to the
Paraguay vs Argentina
game in Asuncion.  We
got our gear including
clothes and horns and
we were ready for some
fun!  We took our team
photos!  And that is us
at the game.  The crowd
would jump up and
down and say if you are
not jumping, you must
have the skin of a pig!  
(bagging on the light
skin of the
Argentinians!).  And
bottom right is us at the
party afterwards outside
the Plaza de of the
coolest experiences
Lima, Peru.  Top left, a park where Peruvians come out to right, downtown Lima.  Bottom, us at an Incan
template outside Lima.
Lisbon, Portugal.  Flew over to Lisbon for
the day during my trip to Morocco and
Barcelona over New Year's 2010.  To the
left and left bottom are pictures of Rossio
Lisbon, Portugal.  Avenida da Liberdade.
.  Bull
fighting And
cool statues of
statues of
some some
people I people
I think I know...
Lisbon, Portugal.  Above, the 25th of April
Bridge and below, Belem Tower, built in
the 16th century.
Palestine.  Visited the lands of
Palestine in 2014.  While not a
fully-recognized country by all
countries on Earth, I did visit a number
of places in the lands of Palestine.  
Qumron (Dead Sea Scrolls, Dead
Sea, Jerusalem, bus trip from the
north through Palenstinian lands, etc.)
Dead Sea.  Swimming with no rafts!  
There is so much salt content that
you just float, but it sucks when you
get it in your eyes!  Stings forever!  
Open sores and cuts too...
Jerusalem.  Took a bus from
Banias down to Jerusalem
(our bus got stoned in
Bethlehem).  Saw the Dome of
the Rock (upper left) which is a
very sacred site for Muslims,
Jerusalem from the Mount of
Olives, and to the right, Dennis
and I overlooking the Wailing
Wall and the Temple Mount, a
site very sacred to Jews.