Few Favorite Pictures of Each Country I Have Visited  -- Countries A-C
Travel Pictures
San Marino
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South Africa
Johannesburg, South Africa.  Me with the
guard at the Emporer's Palace casino in
Johannesburg.  Didn't do much else in
Joburg but gamble!  Having to see the rest of
the country another time!  
St. Petersburg,  Russia.  Above, a
local Russian who sold me the
Angel I bought for my mom.  Below
is the Church of the Spilled Blood.  
Site of Alexander II's assassination.
Bucharest, Romania.  Picture at left is the Palace of the Parliament, built by the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.  It is the largest
building in Europe and the third largest in the world.  Above center is a street in Bucharest, and top right is an arch
symbolising something...can't remember!
Ljubljana, Slovenia.  
Absolutely beautiful town of
Ljubljana.  Small cafes, nice
places to walk and
see...great place to visit.  The
country is in the south of
Europe, close to Italy.
Bratislava, Slovakia.  
The town of Bratislava is
very nice and quaint
European city.  Pictures
are both of Bratislava.  
Outside of old town,
however, it has a very
Soviet feel!  Slovakia
used to be a part of
Czechoslovakia.  They
country is located in the
middle of Europe.
Outside Doha, Qatar.  
We all went Sand
Duning with some
friends Faras and
Owen.  Drove all over
them and at times at
some pretty scary
angles.  Top right:  Bob,
May, and I at one of the
dunes.  Left, May, Bob
and Faras.  To the right,
Owen and our bad luck
with three flat tires!  
Bottom left, the place
where we got one of the
tires fixed.  Bottom right,
last effort to fill up the
tire.  Helped by a local
Japanese tourists also
doing the dune bashing
with trucks.
Doha, Qatar.  Nothing like
dressing up in the
traditional local clothes
and then going to get a
cheap haircut/massage
from the local Indian
saloon owner (they spell it
saloon instead of
Doha, Qatar.  Yummmm!  Fantastic
Pakistani bread being made in the oven (in
the black hole)
Doha, Qatar.  Favorite restaurant
(acting like chickens).  Serves
great shawarma.  Ummm,
Doha, Qatar.  Ahh, the wonderful sights of
Doha!  Above, the swords that greet you in a
major street in Doha (that is Levi flipping me off
in his old crappy Jeep), above right, the cultural
center in Doha, and to the right, the ruling
family's palace.  Below, one of my most favorite
road signs...
Doha, Qatar.  Levi's first crappy car
overheating while out looking to buy a hooka
Doha, Qatar.  Getting food at the
local market.  Today was
Ramadan, so we couldn't be out
in the open eating the food and
drink we bought.
San Marino.  Me with some friends I met in
Italy visiting San Marino (it is a country
smack dab in the middle of Italy).
St. Petersburg, Russia.  To the left
and above:  The Winter Palace and
the location of the Hermitage (one of
the best art collections in the world).
Moscow, Russia.  To the left,
Levi with one of the guards in
the Kremlin.  To the right, Levi
trying to ride the cow with one of
his peers (the 12 year old girl)
in the famous Gum Department
Store building.  To the left,
below, is Lenin's tomb (with the
Kremlin in the background).
Moscow, Russia.  Above left, us three in front of St. Basil's Cathedral in
Red Square.  Above right, us three inside the Kremlin in front of one of
the churches.
Moscow, Russia.  Me, Levi and Bob
in Red Square in 2004.
Belgrade, Serbia.  
To the left, us
walking down the
main street in
Belgrade.  The  
Basketball size!  
Below, us eating a
great meal at "?"
restaurant.  Really
the name!  We liked
the waitress.  Great
food, shots and
beer!  To the right,
the largest orthodox
church, I think in
 To the
right, a couple of
statues trying to
be copied by
Dave and Leslie
and Elizabeth
and April.  Not
so good!
and I near one of the Kremlin gates.  
Above, Tessie's parents, Jaap and Els
in front of St. Basils Cathedral in Red
Square.  We were on a Baltic Cruise
in 2001.

St. Petersburg, Russia.  To the right,
Grand Peterhof Palace outside St.
Petersburg.  Got caught in a 4 hour
traffic jam on the way back in.
Doha, Qatar.  Came
back to visit Levi in July,
2008.  To the left, the
new Souk they opened
in Doha.  To the right,
May, Levi and I getting
close to a favorite thing
in Qatar, falcons.  To
the right, below, us at
dinner.  To the left
below and at the
bottom, all of us
messing around at the
Sheesha place.
South Korea
Seoul South Korea.  Had
the chance to dress in
traditional Korea
wear...the Hanbock.  Bad
idea!!!!  Look at the face
on the kid in the picture
directly to the left.  
Exactly.  Hilarious!
Seoul South Korea.  Bought some North Korea Berry Liquor and drank it in the
airport.  Bad idea!  Caused all kinds of trouble!!!
Seoul South Korea.  On the way to North
Korea!  Had a nice breakfast and this was the
view on the drive to the North.
Seoul South Korea.  I went with Bob and Levi
in 2010.
Seoul South Korea.  Another great meal with
lots and lots of Soju!
Seoul South Korea.  This is the Gyeongbokgung Palace in Downtown Seoul.
Seoul South Korea.  Below is us screwing around...to the right is a ton of lilly pads!  Beautiful!
Seoul South Korea.  
Persimmon tea with dark
chocoloates and green
Seoul South Korea.  Above left
and above is us at Deoksugung
palace.  Check out the wise men
above!  Above right and right is
downtown Seoul.  To the left is
us buying Yong Su Yum or
Dragon's Bearc from these
hilarious guys!
Seoul South
meal out when
we got there!!!
Singapore.  Ahh, above left is
the landing of our flight in
Hong Kong on the way to
Singapore.  Above and to the
left are the pictures of the
Marina Bay Sands hotel and
casino in Downtown
Singapore.  Amazing hotel
with a infinity pool, nightclub,
bar, etc. on the top.  Looks like
a boat!  Above is the famous
Merlion in the harbor.
Singapore.  Other cool sights
around Singapore.  To the
left, the famous 125 year old
Raffles hotel.  Below left, Levi
and I stopped for some
Pimms. To the right is the Art
/ Science Museum where
Levi and I saw a huge Andy
Warhol exhibit.  Below is a
view of the harbor with tons
and tons of ships waiting to
dock.  Above left is our first
meal there with some Durian
shakes.  Above is the Sultan
Mosque.  We went in.  Very
cool.  And to the right below is
the Henderson Waves
Bridget.  Very cool bridge in
the city.