Bangkok, Thailand.  
Inside the Royal
Palaces in Bangkok.
Few Favorite Pictures of Each Country I Have Visited  -- Countries Sp-T
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Istanbul, Turkey.  Bob and I atop the old
tower in Istanbul overlooking the Hagia
Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka.  
Climbing Adam's Peak
(the point at which Adam,
or Buddha, or whomever
you believe came from the
heavens and left their
footprint at the top in a
shrine).  It is 7500 ft high
and we got up at 2am in
the morning to climb to the
top by 5:30 am.  Top left, is
us setting off some
fireworks at the top to
celebrate the crazy climb.  
Top right is our view of the
right at sunset!).  Right
center is us getting some
tea from the workers who
worked at the top of
Adam's peak.  Bottom left
is Levi and I with the peak
right is the effects of the
right is the effects of the
leeches.  We had to stop
leeches.  We had to stop
every 5 minutes to check
every 5 minutes to check
for leeches going up the
for leeches going up the
mountain.  They would
mountain.  They would
attach to our shoes as we
attach to our shoes as we
walked and go straight for
walked and go straight for
our ankles!  Made the trip
very interesting!!!
Sri Lanka
Bangkok, Thailand.  Typical traffic in the city.
Chaing Mai, Thailand.  
April and I visiting the
north and taking in a
bamboo raft ride, an
elephant ride.
On the road to Kandy, Sri
.  Decided to stop and get
some coconut juice for like 10
cents on the side of the road.  
Whole family lived and worked
Sri Lanka is an island
country off the southern
tip of India.  Visited the
Pinnawala Elephant
Orphanage.  To the left
is the river that they
usually bring the
elephants to wash and
play (too much rain),
left bottom is Levi
imitating the elephant
rubbing agains the
tree.  Right top is all of
us feeding the
elephants with
bananas.  Bottom right
is our new friend who
we bought a bunch of
stuff from.
Adam's Peak.  The three
Adam's Peak.  Tea being grown
and picked...look closely for the
women picking the tea leaves.
Driving back to Colombo.  
Van broke down so we had
an hour or so while it was
getting fixed.  To the right,
insanely beautiful Sri
Lanka countryside...
Istanbul, Turkey.  Inside the
Hagia Sophia (originally a
cathedral, then became a
mosque, now a tourist attraction).
Istanbul, Turkey.  Levi excited about the Blue
Mosque behind him!  But look, what is Bob
doing behind Levi????
Outside Istanbul, Turkey.  
Visited a friend of Levi's on an
island outside Istanbul.  His
house was like a set out of a
James Bond movie.  Amazing.
Istanbul, Turkey.  Me, May, Levi
and Bob at one of the coolest
covered markets I have ever been
to...very old and fantastic!
Istanbul, Turkey.  Boat ride in the
waters in Istanbul.  We were on the
line between Europe and Asia.
Istanbul, Turkey.  Levi, May, Bob and I on the
other end of our hotel with the Hagia Sophia
in the background.
Istanbul, Turkey.  Bob, May, Khouri and I on
top of our hotel with the amazing Blue
Mosque in the background.
2nd Trip to Istanbul,
.  Dave, April,
Leslie and I in Instanbul.  
trip off right on top of the
hotel (10 minutes after we
arrived).  To the right, us
walking around the city.  
Blue Mosque behind us.  
Below, San Sofia behind
Barcelona, Spain.  Above left, the La Sagrada Familia Temple by Gaudi.  
Above right, the site of the 1992 Summer Olympics.  The flame is at the top.  
This was in 1992 after a semester in London.
Madrid, Spain.  To the left,
a bull ring.  Below, a bunch
Switzerland.  This was in
1992 after semester in
Geneva, Switzerland.  Bob
and I went through Geneva
on the way up to Oslo,
Norway for Christmas in
Interlaken, Switzerland.  
Bob and I stayed in this
popular Youth Hostel called
Balmer's.  It was a lot of fun.  
To the left, a nice view of
Stockholm, Sweden.  Taking a boat tour
around Stockholm.  One of the most
beautiful cities I have visited.  Visited this
while on a Baltic Cruise in 2001.
Bangkok, Thailand.  Bob, Levi and I went to
the coolest movie theatre on our trip in 2007!  
It had lounge seats that reclined, blankets,
wait staff, a lounge in front.  Fantastic!
and his new Thai
friend who was
Bangkok, Thailand.  Bob and I at the
Imperial Palace in Bangkok.
Thailand.  Bob, Levi and I drinking beers in
Thailand.  So much fun!
Barcelona, Spain.  The
monument to Christopher
Columbus in Barcelona.
Barcelona, Spain.  Above left, a large department
store in Barcelona.  Above right, the start of La
Rambla, the main walking street in Barcelona.
Barcelona, Spain.  Site of the 1992
summery olympics.
Park Guell by
Gaudi in
Barcelona.  Very
 To the left
is a outside of
Barcelona, very
cool.  To the right
is the Torre Agbar.
Barcelona, Spain.  Visited Barcelona over New Year's 2010.  Above
left is the La Sagrada Familia Temple by Gaudi (Roman Catholic
.  Above middle is Casa Battio by Gaudi by night, and right is
by night. And right below is La Pedrera by Gaudi.
Taipei, Taiwan.  First night
went out to the night
market...I was sick and not
anthem for our whole trip!
Taipei, Taiwan.  Ohhh, Mr.
Fancy pants!  Drinking and
eating in 7-11 with his pinky
up.  Nice work Lever!
Taipei, Taiwan.  Chaing
Kai-Shek memorial in
Taipei, Taiwan.  The biggest night market in
Taipei.  Above, lots of people!  Middle Levi
and Bob doing i have no idea what eating the
giant chicken we bought.  So good!  Far right,
us with the seller of the chicken.  Below is the
fruit that Levi's drink was made from.  Can't
remember the name, but no good.  What
else was no good?  Stinky tofu that we
ate...nasty!  It smelled horrible!!!  All the
people were laughing at us when we ordered
it.  Fun!
Taipei, Taiwan.  Sun Yat Sen
memorial.  He was
instrumental in the
development of Taiwan.
Taipei, Taiwan.  Taipei 101.  
Second tallest building in us
trying to blend in by throwing
down peace signs.  So
Asian of us.  That is me...I
seem like Godzilla!  RRRR!
Madrid, Spain.  
Visited Madrid with
my mom over
Thanksgiving in
2010.  To the left,
that is me in front of
the Reina Sofia
museum.  To the
right, Guernica!  
Been soooo excited
to see this painting
by Picasso.
Granada, Spain.  Took a train down to Granada.  Got to see the fantastic Alhambra.  
An amazing Moorish palace.  Above, my mom and I from across the way.  Below, us
in the Alhambra.
Granada, Spain.  
To the left is La
Catedral in
Granada.  To the
Madrid, Spain.  Above, my mom and I at the Palacio Real.  To the right, the
beautiful Temple of Debod.  It was taken from Aswan, Egypt and built in the 2nd
century.  Below that is our hotel the Ritz and our Thanksgiving dinner!
Zurich, Switzerland.  Diana
and I came through
Switzerland during our trip to
Europe in 2014.  Fun, clean
and expensive!  Pics around
town and from the top of
Grossmunster, the 1500s
Romanesque cathedral.
Fuente de Cibeles.  Below, mom with
Minnie.  A great tapas meal below and
mom buying us candy!
Barcelona, Spain.  I tagged along with Diana on a
business trip to Barcelona in 2014.  Top left is a
view from our hotel room, above is the fireworks
show that was going on in the city the night we
arrived.  To the left, Gaudi's Park Guell.  To the
Sagrada Familia.  Bottom right, I present, the Ham
end of Diana's business
trip in 2014, we decamped
to a hotel by the water.  
Had wonderful views of the
harbor and of the city when
we went to the top of the
hotel.  We also did some
sightseeing on Las
Ramblas (to the right and
below right).
Stockholm, Sweden.  A little side trip to Stockholm after Diana's work trip in
April 2016.  What a completely beautiful city!  But, we came when it was pretty
cold!  Brrr!