Few Favorite Pictures of Each Country I Have Visited  -- Countries A-C
Travel Pictures
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Kiev, Ukraine.  Us jackasses screwing around with the statues in a park outside Kiev.
Kiev, Ukraine.  One of the many
beautiful churches in Kiev.
United Arab Emirates
United States
United Kingdom
Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine.  Main
square in Ukraine where the Orange
Revolution took place.  Kiev is very green and
Kiev, Ukraine.  Huge Soviet-era
statue right outside Kiev.
Kiev, Ukraine.  Soviet era weapons on
display outside Kiev.
Dubai, UAE.  On the way to being the tallest building in the world, the Burj
Dubai (on the left).  At 90 stories right now, possibly on the way to 195 stories.  
Crazy tall!  On the right, Emirates towers, perhaps the most famous buildings
in Dubai (meant to look like a man and a woman in traditional arabic dress
standing together).
Dubai, UAE.  Just one of the many,
many sections of the city being
devloped.  Hundreds of high rises
going up at the same time!  
Dubai, UAE.  Skiing or snowboarding in the middle east!  Emirates mall on the left over a
year ago in a partially finished state and on the right completed.  I snowboarded in there!  
Picture of me below snowboarding in the mall...look at the walls!  
Dubai, UAE.  Second time in Dubai with Bob.  Burj al Arab in back in
both pics.
Dubai, UAE.  First time in Dubai
with Levi.  Burj al Arab sail hotel
in the back.
St. Andrews, Scotland.  
Above, the gang at a  I think
quite a few had to pray to the
porcelain god that night...to
the right, pretending to golf in
the birthplace of the sport, St.
Dubai, UAE.  Beautiful mosque in Dubai (left) and the skyline along Dubai creek on the right.
London, England.  Halloween in the
house!  That is me above (doing the
fake handstand with Jason), top right,
Mryna and Tammy in the middle with
Rob and a couple of other friends.  To
the far right, Charlie and his angels,
and to the right, Dean, dressing up as a
Delta Delta Delta (or his typical every
day dress)...you be the judge!
outside, London,
 Bob and I
visiting Stonehenge!
Amy and I at
Lord's Cricket
Ground in
London, England.  First
days in my first
semester in London
1992.  To the left, most
of the class going out
for a dress-up
dinner...to the right,
Harrods (about 3
blocks from our house)
London, England.  
Christmas party
right before we left
for good from the
program...Bob is
Santa to the right,
and I have the best
hat of all to the left!
Endinburgh, Scotland.  
The gang in Edinburgh.
London, England.  In 1995, above, Debbie, me,
Bek, Mom and Dad at Buckingham Palace
watching the changing of the guard.  To the left,
Bekki and I at the bottom of Hyde Park.  To the
right, Dad, Mom and Bekki at the Tower of
London with the Tower Bridge in the back.  
Below, Debbie and Tessie at Stonhenge.
London, England.  Went back to London
with Gabe in 1997.  To the left, a
panorama view of the River Thames
looking north.  To the left below, Gabe
and I in front of Big Ben and Parliament,
to the right, Gabe and I sitting on the Lion
in Trafalgar square, and below, my
favorite English saying...
back to London in 2004.  
modern   Went art
musuems, the Tate Modern
(in an old converted power
plant).  Bottom left, Trafalgar
square with a big
demonstration going on for
support of the Palestinians.  
Top right, The Globe
Theatre, an exact replica of
a theatre in Shakespeares'
time.  Saw Romeo and
Juliet in the pit (stood for 2
hours...most amazing
performance I have ever
seen).  Bottom right, the
London Eye, overlooking
Big Ben and Parliament.
London, England.  Stopped in
London on the way to visit Levi in
Doha and go to Jordan in July,
2008.  Here are a bunch of pictures
around London as I walked
around.  It was the day before
Barack with Gordon Brown.
Montevideo, Uruguay.  
Headed over to
Montevideo (which was
mountain (Monte) from
(de) the West (o) on our
trip to South America in
2009.  Above left is Levi
picking up some cigars
with a kid
smoking...above right is
the new part of
Montevideo from our
hotel room.  The bottom
three picture are from our
lunch at the Puerto de  
Mercado.  We had a giant
plate of meat that was  
about 3x bigger than  
what it looked like when  
we were getting close to
being finished (right).  
We tried every meat to
the left and that is us
screwing around behind
the counter!
the city around Montevideo.  A
cool church in the top left, the
square that leads to the   Views
Montevideo, parliament
(above right), and the parliament
(to the left), and the leafy lined
streets (to the right).  Of course
we had to stop for obligatory
bells and stamps (below).
Sheffield, England.  Trip to
Sheffield in June, 2010 on a
business trip to visit our Sumo
Digital studio.  Above, the city of
where I bought my fish and chips.  
Below, the Forum, one of the bars I
ventured out in...
Sheffield, England.  Got to see the
England v Slovenia game while on
the trip!  To the right some of my
friends from the Sumo studio!
Sheffield, England.  Around the city by my hotel.  
Below, the typical Yorkshire pudding, potatoes and
mushy peas for a great dinner with the studio
heads.  Even had a few best beers in England too!
two of my favorite buildings supposed to be a man and a woman looking at each other
in traditional arab dress.  To the left and below...the monster Burj Khalifa.  Tallest
structure on earth.  Stunning sight.  Below a little perspective.
Dubai, UAE.  More
craziness...above left is
us trying to play Uno
and them telling us to
put the cards away.  No
gambling!  To the right
is the fountain show
from 3/4 up the Burj
Khalifa.  To the left and
right is inside the Dubai
Mall with its waterfall
and acquarium!.
Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Tennis
championships in Abu Dhabi!  
Watched Nadal beat Berdytch and
Federer beat Soderling.  Fun sign
to the right!
Abu Dhabi, UAE.  To the left, that is
at the Emirates Palace Hotel.  Had
the world's most expensive Xmas
tree, a gold vending machine.  That
is us posing as the shiekhs.  To
the right is us on the corniche
playing worlds with friends.  Below
is shawarma time!  Below right is
me doing a maze.  So fun!  No
cheating!  Thanks for the tease May!
Abu Dhabi, UAE.  At the Shiekh
Zayed Mosque.  Largest in the UAE
and 8th largest in the world!  May
and then all of us dressing up.  
Prayer hall can hold 9k people, and
40k in the mosque total.
Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Nights of fun!  
Went indoor skydiving then they
come around with cuts of meat
and you take what you want.  
Really cool!
Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Visit with May and
Levi in their new hometown of Abu
Dhabi in 2011.  To the left, view
from their hotel, above, Levi in Star
left, our fun New Year's
Celebration!  Below left, fun Stop
sign, below center, hooka night!,
and below right, the founder of the
Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Ferrari
World!!!  Big amusement park
by Ferrari.  To the right, that is
the world's fastest roller
coaster.  160MPH!  Below is a
much slower version with May
screaming with terror!!!  
Abu Dhabi, UAE.  More rides and fun
around the park.  Above, Levi and I got sick
from the ride.  Crazy 3D!  To the left was a
fun roller coaster and us doing the Bat Man
and Levi sleeping.  May is just laughing.  
Below is us doing the sim of a car.  Below
left is Levi and May freaking out over 5 year
old yogurt concepts from the US!
Chicago, Illinois.  Visited Chicago with Dave on
our Baseball stadium tour in 2011.  Above left,
downtown Chicago with the Sears Tower in the
background.  Above, the Married with Children
fountain.  Above right, Millennium Park.  Really nice
with the Bean, which is a reflective bean that
creates really cool pics!!!
Baseball stadium tour in 2011.  Above left, Dave,
getting cannolis.  Fantastic!  We then went to
Fenway park which is just amazing.  All around it
are tons of places to get drinks, food, hang out,
etc.  Yaz is to the right.  Just a fantastic place.  I
love it.  easily my most favorite stadium I have ever
visited.  Just the best!
with Dave on our Baseball stadium
tour in 2011.  Above left, downtown
Cleveland.  Not much to it!  Did go to
their art museum which was great!  
Above, Van Gogh, Poplars at Saint
Remy.  Top right, John Rogers Cox
painted as the US leveland  Visited
entered WWII.  Amber waves of grain
being threatened by storm clouds.  
Right, a fun boxing painting and Andy
Warhol's Marilyn x 100 dealing with
facade of celebrity.  Left and below is
Dave and I at Progressive Field in
Cleveland.  Of course, we got some
beers and of course, they lost.
NYC, NY.  Visited NYC with Dave on our
Baseball stadium tour in 2011.  Above
left and above is the view near the
Brooklyn Bridge.  We also went down to
the WTC site, which is left and left
below.  To the right and right above is
our view from the Empire State Building.  
Below is our game to see the Mets at Citi
Field.  Not that impressive.
Chicago, Illinois.  Ahhh, Wrigley!  Home of the Cubs.  Great field.  Great game.  And
you literally got off the train right there at the field.  Super easy and a fantastic day
for a fantastic game.
Puerto Rico
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Came
here during 2011 with Bob and
Levi.  Top left, a nice street in
colonial San Juan.  Above, walking
along the walls of the main city.
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Above, perhaps my favorite pick of the trip.  Fun in a park.  Above right, happy
birthday Bobby!  Lava cake and beers.  Yum!!!  Below, a bunch of pics from our last two days at Isla Verde.  
Very cool beach place.  It was like a real relaxing vacation at the end!
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Top left and center is the Cathedral of San Juan Bautista.  Just beautiful.  Above
right, only remaining gate into old San Juan.  Below left, more campanas...below center, the Palacio de Santa
Catalina where the Governor is.  He wasn't in town when we were there.
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Ahh, the crazy cool El Morro fort in Old San Juan.  Tons of great
pics from this fantastic fort that protected this Spanish city.  Great place to start a cruise!  Lots
of battlements and levels.  Below left, a cool cemetery.  Waving to the cruise ship!
The traditional 50 states
London, UK.  Ahhh!  
Diana and I came here
during the 2012
Olympics.  What a great
experience!  Saw
Trafalgar square (top
left), stayed in a hotel
near the Greek flag (for
Diana to point to), and
visited some Olympics
venues!  Saw beach
London, UK.  More
Olympics!  We got
tickets for Handball
which got us into the
Olympic village.  What a
treat!  We had a blast
that day.  Walking
around, seeing the
games, checking out
the sights, grabbing
some beers, then
heading back to see
Parliament lit up with
British Olympians on
the side!
London, UK.  A little
sightseeing around the
city with Buckingham
palace above left and to
the right.  Got a kiss in
we were there.  She
only tolerated it!  To the
left, the Millenium
Bridge with St. Pauls in
the back.  And below
right is the new tall
building in London.  
The Shard.
London, UK.  While Diana worked on
her first work trip to London, I ran
around London checking out all the
changes to the skyline.  Crazy changes!  
From the Shard, to the walkie talkie
building, to the Easter Egg...crazy!
London, UK.  Tagged
along with Diana on her
second business trip to
London in 2015.  Couple of
days of sightseeing while
she worked!  Nice break!  
To the left, a visit to St.
Sophia's Cathedral in
London for Greek Easter.  
Left middle is a great bar
and one of my favorite
buildings in London.  
Bottom left, another fun
building.  To the right,
views around London as
we stopped for tea (bottom
right) and hung out by Big
Ben (below).
London, UK.  Came
along with Diana on her
first business trip to
London in 2014.  Hit up
the British Museum and
saw the Rosetta Stone
(top left and center).  
Did a little sight seeing
around London and
saw Buckingham
Palace (below left) and
had some nice views of
Big Ben and parliament.
St Thomas -  US Virgin Islands
St Thomas, USVI.  Came here
during a cruise in the Caribbean
New Year's 2014.  It was very nice,
but, very crowded!
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.  
Another stop on our Caribbean
cruise for New Year's 2014. We
visited the cool fort at the head
of the harbor.  So cool!
Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Above, Diana
and I recreate the photo I took with Levi and
Bob in 2011.  To the right, Diana and I
experiencing the old town with some great
drinks, food and a cigar.  Fun!
London, England.  Got
to go atop the building
to the right (20
Fenchurch) which has
an atrium at the top (top
right).  Bottom left is the
Shard.  Top right is just
one of the great
buildings in London.
London, England.  Went
with Diana on a
business trip to London
in April 2016.  Nice to
able to tag along and
then see the sights!  
Visited Parliament and
Big Ben, the Queen's
residence Buckingham
Palace, and Piccadilly
Circus (left and right).
London, England.
Visited the Tower of
London and the London
Bridge.  The London
Bridge has a great
glass floor view!