Few Favorite Pictures of Each Country I Have Visited  -- Countries V-Z
Travel Pictures
Vatican City
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Zimbabwe.  Levi and I at the border of
Zambia and Zimbabwe.  We continued on
over to the Zimbabwe side of the bridge for
some shopping...
Outside Livingston, Zambia.  
eOn safari seeing rhinos,
buffalo, elephants, giraffe and
other animals...
Victoria Falls Bridge, Zambia.  Click to play the videos of Levi and my bungie jumps off the Vic Falls bridge.  Scary!  
Mine is on the left, Levi on the right.--Click to play.
Livingston, Zambia.  On left, Levi and I getting ready for repelling
down the mountain, zipping like superman, and doing the huge,
scary gorge swing!  Levi doing the superman to the right.
Livingston, Zambia.  Repelling down the side of the gorge.  Me on
left, Levi on right.  
Vic Falls Bridge, Zambia.  On the left, me overlooking the Zambezi river where we river
rafted and from the bridge we bungie jumped.  Levi at right preparing for his jump...
Livingston, Zambia.  At left, video of me flying like superman across the gorge in Zambia, and on
right, doing the gorge swing!  Levi's Gorge swing is below--Click to play.
Victoria Falls, Zambia.  
Fantastic falls (only partially on
during this time of the year
because of the use of dams).
Livingston, Zambia.  Levi and I in
our room at the hostel with the
required nets over the bed to
protect from mosquitos and
Livingston, Zambia.  Levi and I getting ready
to be tossed in the cat 5 rapids of the Zambezi
river doing river rafting.  Bottom picture after it
was all over.  Got beers and Levi got a huge
lump on his head where he was tossed out of
the boat and hit a rock!
Saigon, Vietnam.  Left, the crazy traffic
in Saigon, above, at a restaurant that
the communists used to spy from
during the war, and bottom, all of us at
the war museum in Saigon.
Saigon (Ho Chi Minh), Vietnam.  The
view from our hotel.
Saigon, Vietnam.  Bob messing around with
a traditional hat in Vietnam!  Is that Miss
Chu Chi Tunnels, Vietnam.  Bob
and Levi in the Chu Chi tunnels
where the Viet Cong would cause
problems for the US.  Got to
shoot guns for $1 a
bulltet...Ak-47, machine gun, shot
gun, anything!
Vatican City.  To the
left, View of St. Peter's
Square from the top of
dome.  Left, center,
Bek and Jim in the
square with St. Peter's
in the back.  Left
bottom, inside the
unbelievably amazing
St. Peters.
Vatican City.  Mom, Dad and I in
St. Peter's.
Vatican City.  Inside the Vatican's art
museum.  Also the location of the Sistine
the view down from the bridge where I
bungie jumped...
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Levi
and I came to Vietnam in 2012.  
To the left is the Old Quarter.  To
the right, Mr. Ho Chi's tomb
himself!  Below left and right are
some views around the city.  
Directly below, all little Pho!  Great!
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  To the
left, the entrace of the infamous
prison, Hanoi Hilton where John
McCain was held when his plane
was shot down.  Below is his flight
suit.  To the right is the bridge to
the Ngoc Son Temple at the Hoan
Kiem Lake in the Old Quarter.  
Below, right is the temple itself!
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  Below, more views around the city.  Below right, it rained buckets and buckets for a
while we were there.  Never saw so many cockroaches scurrying and many not making it!