Pictures of Rory at various ages...Born June 5th, 2009
My Niece Rory James
Click on each image to see the full size picture--I have used thumbnails to make the
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June 9, 2009--Sleepy time...
June 5, 2009--Only hours old.
June 8-9, 2009--Big sister holding little
June 5, 2009--Proud dad.
June 5, 2009--there is four now!
October, 2009--Rory at 4 months old.
September, 2009--Rory at 3 months old.
July, 2009--Rory at the
July, 2009--Rory at 1 month
October, 2009--Halloween.  Rory as one of
Little Bo Peep's sheep!  Ryan was Little Bo
December, 2009--Christmas Day!
December, 2009--Rory being kissed by
Ryan!  6 months old.