Pictures of Ryan at various ages...Born May 2nd, 2006
My Niece Ryan Rae
Click on each image to see the full size picture--I have used thumbnails to make the
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September 20, 2006--About 5 months old.
September 30, 2006--About 5 months old.
August 26, 2006--Scootie picture day!  
About 4 months old.
May 4, 2006--2 days old.
August 12, 2006--First time out in the
Newport Harbor--having a blast!...about 3
months old.
May 11, 2006--9 days old.
June 6, 2006--about one month old.
December 3, 2006--7 months old.
November 24, 2006--In the front of the
motor home...About 6 1/2 months old.
November 16, 2006--Solid food time!  About
6 1/2 months old.
October 2, 2006--5 months old. of my favorite pictures--taken
from Jim's camera phone--not sure the
February 17, 2007--About 9 1/2 months old.
March 11, 2007--About 10 1/2 months old.
March 28, 2007--About 11 months old.
Aug, 2007--About 15 months old.
July, 2007--About 14 months old.
May, 2007--Right at her 1 year birthday.
Halloween, 2007--About
18 left, pre-halloween
outfit, to the right, our
little monkey...
November, 2007--18 months old.
February, 2008--About 21 months old.
Thanksgiving, 2007--About 19
months old.  Ryan on her first trip to
Hawaii.  Preparing her to surf!
May, 2008--Birthday!  Two years old.  Top left on
her birthday, and to the right, at her birthday in
Newport Shores.  Other birthday celebration pics
March, 2008--About
22 months old.  Got
her dressed in her
future employer's
June, 2008--At her swim lessons!  About 25
months old.
July, 2008--Ryan with pigtails!  Looks so much
older.  Two other pictures with her dad!
Aug-Oct, 2008--Ryan at the park, looking like
royalty with glasses, at dance class, getting the
horse to go with her Grandma, and sliding!
Dec, 2008--Christmas
time!  To the left,
Ryan in Costa Mesa
snow!  Below, left,
her with Santa, and
below, right on Xmas
day opening gifts.
2008--ARRRRR!  Watch
out for pirate Ryan!  To the
right, pictures of Ryan on
the beach for the
Christmas card...
Apr, 2009--Easter!  
Ryan all dressed up
to hunt for eggs.

May, 2009--Ryan's
third birthday party.  
She is blowing out
her giant cupcake!
Jul, 2009--July 4 Day Parade.  Ryan in her
sophisticated glasses!
Sept 2009--Dressed up for her first day of
Oct, 2009--Halloween!  Ryan is Little Bo
Peep and Rory is her sheep!
Santa and underneath my tree!  Next day