Top 10 Recent Pictures!
Travel Pictures
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Chichen Itza, Mexico.  Yeah, we enact a
lot of scences from movies.  Here we
are acting out a scene from the movie
300.  It is where Leonidus kicks the
Persians in the well and says, "This is
Sparta!".  Well our version is Levi
screaming, "This is Maya!" and kicking
Bob in the giant drinking water cavern!
Paro, Bhutan.  Levi and Bob with our guide
outside a temple in Bhutan.
Saigon, Vietnam.  Shooting various guns at
the Chu Chi Tunnels near Saigon for $1 a
Victoria Falls, Zambia.  Getting ready to
jump the Victory Falls bridge!  Scary!
Penawala, Sri Lanka.  Levi getting knocked
up against a baby elephant and getting his
clothes all dirty!
Dead Sea, Jordan.  Levi and I floating in the
Dead Sea with no raft!  It is so salty that you
can just float!
Siem Reap, Cambodia.  Bob and Levi having
fun in Siem Reap.
Doha, Qatar.  Levi, May and I having a little
Sheesha in Doha.
Doha, Qatar.  Running down a huge sand
dune in Qatar while out 4x4'ing on the sand
Kiev, Ukraine.  Local Soviet statues being